Directory of Languages and Linguistics at U of T

This is the revised and updated fourth edition of the Directory of Languages and Linguistics at the University of Toronto. The Directory is for purposes of information only, and is intended for the use of students, researchers, and anyone interested in the study of language at U of T. Our interpretation of 'linguist' for purposes of the Directory is a broad one, and is intended to include faculty or graduate students who may not consider themselves to be primarily linguists, but whose interests include the study of language. Some examples include, but are not limited to, those listed below:

  1. those with interests in the philosophy, psychology, or sociology of language, language and culture, mathematical or computational linguistics, language and literary theory, etc.
  2. those who do research or teach courses on the history and/or structure of any language or language family;
  3. those who teach any courses on 'uncommon' languages.

I would like to thank Jordan Dyment for updating and compiling this Directory, and Alejandro Lynch of CHASS for creating the web page. The Directory can be searched by field, or all the displayed fields can be searched globally. Clicking on a name takes you to an individual entry that contains more complete information. Comments and suggestions may be addressed to Elan Dresher at the Department of Linguistics, fax 971-2688, or email to

Name Department Status Languages Research Interests
Ali, Abdel-Khalig Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations Faculty Arabic Arabic language, linguistics, literature
Ambros, Veronika Slavic Languages & Literatures/Center for Comparative Literature Faculty Czech; Slovak Teaching a second language; style; language and culture; speech acts; Czech literature; modern drama (Czech); semiotics of drama and theatre; literary theory; women writers; exile.
Andree, Alexander Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty Latin Mediaeval biblical commentary, philology, codicology, paleography
Bancheri, Salvatore Italian Studies (UTM) Faculty Italian Textual criticism; religious theater; 18th century literature, Sicilian literature; second language teaching and learning; drama: theory and performance; Italian-Canadian Studies; development of CALL software, computer research.; (Currently Graduate Coordinator and Associate Chair at UTM, Director of the Frank Iacobucci Centre for Italian Canadian Studies)
Barnes, Christopher J. Slavic Languages & Literatures Faculty Russian Modern Russian language; “functional” and literary translation techniques; Russian 20th cent. literature; history of Russian poetry; life and works of Boris Pasternak; history of Russian music (esp. Aleksandr Scriabin); Russian pianism; interaction between Russian literature and music.
Beaulieu, Paul-Alain Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations Faculty Akkadian (Assyrian and Babylonian), Sumerian Assyriology; Akkadian language and literature; history of Mesopotamia.
Beauquis, Corinne French (UTSC) Faculty French Program in education of teachers, CTEP; French and Francophone literature.
Bhatt, Parth French Faculty French Neurolinguistics and psycholinguistics; phonetics, phonology (French); acoustic descriptions of aphasiac subjects; French speech pragmatics (radio); French creoles.; (Currently, Departmental chair)
Binnick, Robert I. Linguistics (UTSC) Faculty Mongolian; Altaic Semantics, especially tense and aspect; bibliography on tense (; pragmatics; Mongolian.
Birnbaum, Eleazar Jewish Studies/Near & Middle Eastern Civs. Faculty Turkish; Turkish, Ottoman; Arabic; Persian; Hebrew Turkish: Modern and Ottoman; Ottoman Turkish language, literature, and history; early development of Ottoman Turkish as a literary language; Islamic languages: Arabic, Turkish, Persian interactions; manuscripts in Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian; Hebrew language; Oriental Jewry.
Blackmore, Josiah Spanish & Portuguese Faculty Portuguese, Medieval; Spanish, Medieval Medieval Portuguese and Spanish; Medieval and early modern Iberian literatures and cultures; Camões and monsters, deviance, and the forbidden in literature and history.
Bogert, Ralph Slavic Languages & Literatures Faculty Croatian; Serbian The Croatian-Serbian Diasystem (lexical, syntactic, stylistic differences and the definition of official literary languages); South Slavic languages and literature; Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian cultural ethnography, history and politics; dissident writers.
Brousseau, Anne-Marie French Faculty French; French-based Creoles: Haitian Creole, St. Lucia Creole; Fongbe and other Gbé languages (Ewé, Gen, Aja, etc.) Derivational morphology and composition (theory, interface, productivity, lexicalization, compounding); St. Lucia Creole (description, morphology, lexicon, phonological variation and interference); Haitian Creole (genesis of phonological system, comparisons with sources (Gbé, French), formation from the perspective of L2); French (derivational morphology, composition, lexical semantics).
Campana, John Italian Studies (UTM) Faculty Italian Second language acquisition of dialectophones and anglophones (esp. error correction and language interference); computer assisted language learning and software; Italian cinema, poetry, novels.
Chamberlin, J. Edward English/Center for Comparative Literature Faculty Creole, West Indian (anglophone) Modernist and contemporary poetry; Caribbean literature; Aboriginal literatures and languages (cultural and political issues); stories and storytelling, oral and written traditions; theories of language and poetic language; West Indian (anglophone) creoles (relationships between speech and writing).;
Chambers, Craig Psychology (UTM) Faculty English Cognitive Science; Psycholinguistics; Language Acquisition
Chambers, J. K. (Jack) Linguistics Faculty English, Canadian Language variation; dialectology; Canadian English.
Chasin, Marshall Linguistics Faculty English Phonetics; audiology; Setting hearing aids for different languages; Setting hearing aids for music; Prevention of hearing loss
Cody, Francis Anthropology (UTM) Faculty English Social cultural anthropology; social and semiotic theory; political economy of representation; written language; activism; development; social movements; media-studies; postcolonial state; Tamilnadu, India, South Asia.
Colantoni, Laura Spanish & Portuguese Faculty Spanish; French Acoustic motivations of sound variation and change in Romance; phonetic variation and phonological categorization; L2 acquisition of variable sound patterns; intonation: description and modeling of Argentine Spanish intonation.
Cowper, Elizabeth Linguistics Faculty English; French; German; Hungarian Theory of Syntax; Universal Grammar; inflectional morphology; lexical semantics; tense and aspect.
Cuervo, Maria Cristina Linguistics/Spanish & Portuguese Faculty Spanish, modern English Syntax, argument structure, morphology, dative arguments, applicatives, clitics, neurolinguistics, acquisition (Spanish morphosyntax in L1 and L2).
Cumming, Alister OISE: Curriculum Teaching and Learning, Centre for Educational Research on Languages and Literacies Faculty English; French Literacy in second languages, particularly writing; learning, teaching, and assessment of writing in English as a second/foreign language; evaluation of language education programs and curriculum, i.e. for second language education and immigrant settlement; thinking processes in language learning and instruction; development of assessment instruments and procedures in academic, professional and settlement contexts.; (Currently Head of Centre for Educational Research on Languages and Literacies);
Danesi, Marcel Anthropology Faculty Italian; English Linguistic anthropology, semiotics, youth culture; Italy, France, North America.
De Nil, Luc F. Speech-Language Pathology Faculty Dutch, Flemish Neuromotor processes underlying speech production; etiological and developmental factors, and treatment of speech fluency disorders (stuttering); neuroimaging of cortical and subcortical activity during speech and oral movements; acquired speech fluency disorders in stroke and other neurogenic communication disorders.
Dehli, Kari OISE: Sociology and Equity Studies, Centre for Media and Culture in Education Faculty Norwegian; Swedish; Danish Analysis of policy discourse; adult literacy; sociological and political theory; feminist cultural studies; state formation and government; the social organization and effects of education policy and discursive practices.
Dewar, Michael Classics Faculty Latin Teaching Interests: Latin Language and Literature; Roman Culture and Society;
Dresher, B. Elan Linguistics Faculty English, Old; Germanic; Hebrew, Biblical Phonology; learnability; diachronic linguistics; Biblical Hebrew prosody; the history of stress and syllable structure in West Germanic. ; (Currently, Departmental Chair)
Emmrich, Christoph Buddhist Studies, Dept. of Historical Studies (UTM)/Department for the Study of Religion Faculty Sanskrit; Pali; Prakrits (Sauraseni, Ardhamagadhi, Maharastri); Apabhramsa; Nepali (Modern); Newar (Classical and Modern); Burmese (Modern), Tibetan (Classical); English, German, Italian, French, Polish (all Modern), Latin, Greek (Classical) South Asian languages, Indology, Indoeuropean linguistics; Buddhism, Jainism; ritual, gender, children, mimesis, affect, education, consecration, marriage, historiography, travel and literary transfer, religious poetry and song, philosophy of time, causation; the Newars in 17th-21st cent. Nepal, the Tamil Jains of 16th-21st cent. South India, the Mons of Burma (Myanmar)
English, Jeri French (UTSC) Faculty French French women writers in the 19th and 20th centuries; enunciation and discourse theory; feminist theory on gender and writing; subjectivity and literary canon formation; language teaching.
Feuerverger, Grace OISE: Curriculum Teacher Development Faculty English; French; Italian; Yiddish; Hebrew; German; Polish Minority language education; language loss and ethnic identity maintenance; language, culture and identity in schools; multicultural/multilingual literacy development; immigrant/refugee issues and language maintenance; cultural and linguistic diversity; conflict resolution and peacemaking in multicultural/multilingual societies.
Fox, Harry Jewish Studies/Near & Middle Eastern Civs./Religion Faculty Hebrew; Aramaic; Yiddish Sociolinguistics, esp. particular language contact involving Hebrew and Aramaic (with each other and with other languages); Hebrew and Aramaic philology; Judaism of late antiquity; talmudic, rabbinic, geonic and Modern Hebrew literature. ;
Frame, Grant Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations/Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Project Faculty Akkadian; Babylonian, Neo-; Assyrian, Neo- Akkadian language (Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian dialects); cuneiform script; Mesopotamian history and manuscripts.;
Garshowitz, Libby R. M. Jewish Studies/Near & Middle Eastern Civs. Faculty Hebrew; Hebrew, Medieval; Aramaic; Greek The development of language in the medieval period (Hebrew); Hebrew and Aramaic in the rabbinic period; development of trends in contemporary and modern Hebrew; Jewish history.;
Geva, Esther OISE: Human Development and Applied Psychology Faculty Hebrew Second language acquisition; bilingualism; reading acquisition in second language learners; transfers from first to second language; second language learners at risk.; (Currently Chair of Human Development and Applied Psychology)
Girolametto, Luigi Speech-Language Pathology Faculty N/a Mother-child interaction; educator-child interaction; caregiver-administered language intervention; efficacy of group language intervention for children; language impairment; social-conversational (pragmatic) skills in preschool-aged children with and without impairments.
Gold, Elaine Linguistics Faculty English, Canadian; Yiddish Morphology; Language Contact; Historical Linguistics: Yiddish; Hebrew; Canadian English; (Currently, Undergraduate Coordinator)
Hachimi, Atiqa Linguistics (UTSC) Faculty Sociolinguistics; language and gender; language and ethnicity; language contact and multilingualism.
Hager, Michael German Faculty German Second language acquisition; language teaching; business German
Hall, Daniel Currie Linguistics & English, Saint Mary's U. / Linguistics, U of T Faculty English; West Slavic Phonology; morphosyntax; semantics; featural representations.
Harrak, Amir Jewish Studies/Near & Middle Eastern Civs. Faculty Aramaic; Syriac Old and Imperial (Biblical) Aramaic dialects; Syriac language and literature.
Harvey, E. Ruth English/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty English, Middle; Latin, Medieval History of English; Middle English and literature; Medieval Latin; Medieval and early Renaissance; Research Medieval literature, medieval learning, especially medicine (uroscopy); iconoclasm in England; tribulation and wisdom literature.
Healey, Antonette di Paolo English/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty English, Old; English Language and literature of England in the early medieval period; Old English lexicography and word studies; language and culture; history of the English language; Dictionary of Old English; Old English language and literature; development of computing tools in the humanities and their applications to medieval texts.;
Heinemann, Edward A. French (New College) Faculty French; French, Old History of the French language: phonetics, morphology, syntax, lexicology, lexicography, external history; aesthetic use of repetition in the Old French epic.
Heller, Daphna Linguistics Faculty Modern Hebrew Experimental semantics and pragmatics; adult sentence processing; referring expressions and the identification of entities; copular constructions; generative approaches to Modern Hebrew.
Heller, Monica OISE: Sociology and Equity Studies, CREFO/Anthropology Faculty French; Franco-Ontarian Sociolinguistics; linguistic anthropology, anthropology of education; bi/multilingualism; Francophone Canada; code-switching; minority language education.
Helms-Park, Rena Linguistics (UTSC) Faculty English Second language acquisition; child language acquisition; cross-linguistic transfer in L2 acquisition and creolization; L2 lexical acquisition; cognate facilitation; psycholinguistics of reading; electronic literacy.
Hirst, Graeme Computer Science: Computational Linguistics Faculty Computer Computational linguistics; natural language understanding.;
Holland, Joan Dictionary of Old English/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty Old English Drafting editor, revising editor, annual progress reporter (Dictionary of Old English); lexicography; history of the English language.
Holmstedt, Robert Near & Middle Eastern Civs./Jewish Studies Faculty Hebrew, old; Phoenician; Ugaritic; Ge'ez (Ethiopic) Ancient Hebrew and West Semitic languages; historical linguistics; morphology, syntax; information structure; wisdom and narrative literature in the Hebrew Bible
Ippolito, Michela Linguistics Faculty Formal semantics and pragmatics; modality; counterfactuals; focus; presuppositions; implicatures; tense and aspect; semantics of clitic pronouns in intensional and non-intensional contexts; crosslinguistic semantics and Romance linguistics.
Jackson, Jennifer Anthropology (UTM) Faculty English Linguistic anthropology; ethnography of speaking and performance; oratory and rhetoric; language ideologies & aesthetics; democracy, agency and subjectivity; semiotic process; relation between agency and use of metalinguistic devices such as parody and reported speech in political resistance; Madagascar (Indian Ocean), USA.
James, Deborah Linguistics (UTSC) Faculty Cree; Montagnais Language and gender; Algonquian linguistics; Semantics: modality.;
Johns, Alana Linguistics Faculty Inuktitut Syntax; morphology; Inuktitut; Aboriginal language maintenance.;
Johnson, Carla J. Speech-Language Pathology Faculty N/a Language acquisition; cognitive development; language disorders in children; vocabulary and naming skills. ;
Johnson, Elizabeth Psychology (UTM) Faculty English; Dutch Language acquisition
Johnson, Mayumi Yuki East Asian Studies Faculty Japanese, English Japanese Linguistics (Syntax and Semantics) and Applied Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition and Testing); modality; language curriculum and instruction.
Johnston, Alexandra F. Records of Early English Drama Faculty English, Middle; Latin, Medieval; Latin, Neoclassical; Anglo-Norman Middle English; Medieval and Neoclassical Latin; Anglo-Norman; Director at REED;
Kahnemuyipour, Arsalan Language Studies, UTM Faculty Persian; English Syntax, Morphology, Syntax-Phonology Interface
Kalmar, Ivan Anthropology/Jewish Studies/Victoria College Faculty English Linguistic anthropology; cultural studies; Orientalism; Jews.
Kang, Yoonjung Linguistics (UTSC) Faculty Korean Phonology; loanwords; Korean linguistics; historical linguistics; phonology/phonetics interface
Kerekes, Julie OISE: Curriculum Teaching and Learning, Centre for Educational Research on Languages and Literacies Faculty English, Hungarian, German Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics, Second Language Teaching and Learning
Klausner, David N. English/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty Welsh; Welsh, Middle; English, Old; English, Middle Relations between Old English and early Welsh; history of English pronunciation; Old/Middle English language and literature; Old/Middle English drama; Middle Welsh language and literature; medieval and Tudor drama; vernacular palaeography and historical phonology.;
Ko, Kyoungrok East Asian Studies Faculty Korean
Kochetov, Alexei Linguistics Faculty Russian; Slavic; Japanese; Komi-Permyak (Finno-Ugric); Korean Phonology; phonetics; phonology-Phonetics Interface; speech production; speech perception.
Komuro-Lee, Ikuko East Asian Studies Faculty Japanese Japanese linguistics and education; discourse analysis.
Kramer, Christina Slavic Languages & Literatures Faculty Macedonian; Bulgarian; Serbian/Croatian; Russian; Albanian; Turkish Russian and Balkan (synchronic) linguistics, esp. Macedonian, Bulgarian and Albanian; grammatical categories (verbal); sociolinguistic issues; issues in discourse and pragmatics; grammar of Standard Macedonian; grammaticalization of the future tense in Balkan languages; lingustic anthropology; heritage speakers; language and politics.; (Currently Chair of Slavic Languages and Linguistics)
Labrie, Normand OISE: Curriculum Teaching and Learning, CREFO Faculty French; Franco-Ontarian Sociolinguistics; psycholinguistics; language planning and language policy; language minorities; bilingualism; multilingualism; linguistic pluralism in Canada (French-speaking communities) and in Europe; discourse analysis; literacy development. ; (Currently Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies)
Lancashire, Ian English/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty English; English, Early Modern Computational text analysis in English literature; cognitive stylistics (cognitive psychology as applied to stylistics) and computer application; Renaissance bilingual and English dictionaries; early bilingual English to French/Italian/Latin/Spanish dictionaries; bibliography and editing; early English drama; Shakespeare; Chaucer.
Lapkin, Sharon OISE: Modern Language Centre Faculty French Classroom FSL learning and assessment; bilingual education; second language writing.;
Larson, Katherine R. English (UTSC) Faculty English Early modern literature and culture; early modern women’s writing; gender studies; music and literature; language and rhetoric.
Leprohon, Ronald J. Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations Faculty Egyptian History (esp. administration and diplomacy), religion (myths from ancient Egypt, moral code of behaviour), and literature of ancient Egypt.
Lettieri, Michael Language Studies, Italian Studies (UTM) Faculty Italian Renaissance Italian literature; textual criticism; second-language teaching and learning; 16th century drama; Italian-Canadian studies.; (Current Dean of Humanities at UTM)
Li, Hao English Faculty English Victorian; Nineteenth-Century Prose; Intellectual History; Memory and Narrative; Ethics and Language; Language theory and ethical discourse in Victorian England.
Livak, Leonid Slavic Languages & Literatures/Jewish Studies Faculty Russian 19th and 20th century Russian literature and culture; Russian language and linguistics; 19th and 20th century French literature and culture; literary and critical theory; comparative approaches to literary and cultural studies; Russian-Jewish cultural relations.; (Currently Undergraduate Coordinator)
Logan, Robert Physics Faculty English; physics Language origin and evolution; language and promotion of knowledge development; the effects of written forms of language including the languages of math, science and computing.
Longo Lavorato, Rachele Italian Studies/SMC Faculty Italian Language teaching pedagogy (incl. software); Italian Holocaust literature and cinema; literary adaptation in film; Italian neorealist cinema.
Luong, Hy V. Anthropology Faculty Vietnamese Language, ideology and political economy; gender and social structure; East and Mainland South East Asia, Vietnam.
Magliocchetti, Bruno Italian Studies/SMC Faculty Italian Language teaching; Medieval and current Italian culture, development, contributions.
Magnusson, Lynne English Faculty English Shakespeare; Language, Discourse Analysis, Rhetoric; Early Modern Literature and Culture; Genre of the Letter; Early Modern Women Writers.
Martin, Philippe French/Experimental Phonetics Lab Faculty French; Italian; English Intonation and syntax (Spanish, German, Netherland); phonostylistics; speech synthesis and recognition systems; experimental phonetics; prosodic systems (French, English/French contrast); print-to-speech recognition of Italian tonic accent.
Marujo, Manuela Spanish & Portuguese Faculty Portuguese Portuguese as a foreign and as a second language; bilingualism and language acquisition; immigrant experiences with focus on grandparents, youngsters and women.
Mason, Hugh Classics Faculty Greek Research Interests: Lesbos, Modern Greek Literature; Teaching Interests: ; Undergraduate: Greek Language and Literature ; Graduate: Ancient Novel, Linguistics; (Currently Undergraduate Coordinator)
Massam, Diane Linguistics Faculty English; Polynesian; Austronesian; Niuean Syntactic and morphological theory; case systems, case theory; phrase structure; argument structure; predication; the left periphery; the lexicon; word order; grammatical relations; Austronesian syntax; Polynesian syntax; Niuean grammar; cross-linguistic variation; English syntax.
McCrindle, Karen Lyda French (UTSC) Faculty French Language and media; media criticism; sociolinguistics; French creole languages of the Caribbean; issues relating to cultural diversity.
McDougall, David Dictionary of Old English/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty English, Old; English; Norse, Old; Danish Old English; Old Norse (Old Scandinavian); Danish; history of English; transmission of Latin learning in England, Iceland, and Scandinavia in the Middle Ages.;
McDougall, Ian Dictionary of Old English/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty English, Old; English; Scandinavian, Old; Danish Old English; Old Scandinavian (Old Norse); Danish; history of English; language and literature; transmission of Latin learning in vernacular texts of the British Isles and Scandinavia.;
McElhinny, Bonnie Anthropology Faculty English Linguistic anthropology; feminist anthropology; gender; socialization; ideology and political economy; stratified reproduction; work; USA, Canada, Philippines.
Meacham, Tirzah Jewish Studies/Near & Middle Eastern Civs. Faculty Aramaic, Babylonian Talmudic and rabbinic literature; legal/religious status; Judaism and feminism.
Merrilees, Brian French/Victoria College Faculty French, Medieval Modern French; Anglo-Normadic language and literature; editions of Mediaeval texts, Mediaeval lexicography; modern language pedagogy; transmission of texts; Bilingual dictionaries in France before 1500; French Mediaeval grammar.
Metso, Sarianna Jewish Studies/Near & Middle Eastern Civs./History (UTM) Faculty Hebrew, Biblical, Dead Sea Scrolls Hebrew Bible; Dead Sea Scrolls and manuscripts; Second Temple Judaism and history.
Michelucci, Pascal Language Studies Faculty French Metaphor. French poetry. Extreme contemporain.
Mikhailova, Julia Slavic Languages & Literatures Faculty Russian Language pedagogy; acquisition of Russian; language assessment tools; discourse analysis; sociolinguistics; Slavic formal syntax; history of the Russian language.
Nagy, Naomi Linguistics Faculty English, New England; French, Montreal; Faetar; Italian Sociolinguistics, language variation and change (contact and models); New England dialects; Montreal Anglophones and French; Faetar; Toronto heritage languages; phonemic dialect features; hyperforeignization; modeling diacritics; Italian syllabic structure; variation in optimality theory; variation in “wanna” contraction.
Najman, Hindy Jewish Studies/Near & Middle Eastern Civs./Religion Faculty Hebrew, Old, Dead Sea Scrolls; Ancient Greek in Israel Second Temple history and literature; Dead Sea Scrolls; Hebrew Bible; Greek-speaking Judaism; rabbinic literature; relationship between Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity.; (Currently Director for the Center for Jewish Studies)
Narayan, Chandan Linguistics (UTSC) Faculty English Speech perception (development and contributions to language change); language acquisition (phonetic categorization); acoustics of infant-directed speech; young children and sound change.
Ndayiragije, Juvenal French (UTSC) Faculty French; Bantu Syntactic theory, ergativity, locality; esp. Bantu.
Nic Dhiarmada, Máirín Celtic Studies, St Michael’s College Faculty Irish Modern Irish language and literature.
Nikiema, Emmanuel French (UTM) Faculty French; French-lexifier Creoles; Italian; African languages Phonology, French, Italian, French-lexifier creoles; African languages (Gur, Kwa, Chadic, Mande and Bantu); syllabic structure; language teaching; language planning; dialect variation; tone.; (Currently, Departmental Associate Chair)
Orchard, Andy English/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty Old English; Old Norse; Mediaeval Latin Old English; Old Norse; Mediaeval Latin; Mediaeval Celtic; Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic literature; orality and literacy; textual criticism.; (Currently provost and vice-chancellor for Trinity College)
Pasquarelli-Clivio, Mirella Italian Studies/SMC Faculty Italian ; (Currently Undergraduate Coordinator)
Paz, Alejandro Anthropology (UTSC) Faculty Hebrew, Spanish, English Pragmatics; interaction and textuality; translation; language and ethnicity; linguistic anthropology.
Penn, Gerald Computer Science: Computational Linguistics Faculty German, Sanskrit, Serbian/Croatian Natural Language Processing; Mathematical Linguistics; Writing Systems; Grammar Development Systems; Categorial Grammar; Spoken Language Processing; Linguistic Information Visualization;; Parsing in Freer-Word-Order Languages.
Percy, Carol English/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty English, Old; English History of the English language, esp. 1700-present; standardization; grammars and dictionaries; women's language; sociolinguistics; corpus linguistics.;
Perez-Leroux, Ana Teresa Linguistics/Spanish & Portuguese Faculty Spanish First and second language acquisition at syntax/semantics interface; infant syntax; Spanish grammar; bilingualism; number, tense/aspect, object clitics.
Pierno, Franco Italian Studies Faculty Italian, French, English History of Italian language; Italian lexicography; the “Questione della; lingua”; Italian language and religion; Italian and European; Linguistic aspects of Jesuit Relations (17th century).
Pirvulescu, Mihaela French (UTM) Faculty French First language acquisition; theoretical linguistics; bilingualism (Francophone); early second language acquisition (syntax and morphology); the syntax-morphology interface: verbal agreement paradigms; integration of novel technology in teaching FSL.
Placzkiewicz, Artur Slavic Languages & Literatures Faculty Polish Polish poetry of the 20th century; problems of modernity and post-modernity; Polish mass culture and counterculture; language methodology; translation theory and practice.
Poole, Janet East Asian Studies Faculty Korean
Portebois, Yannick French Studies Faculty French Cultural history of the French language (16th-20th century); spelling reforms; book history and print culture (19th century); French novels in English translation (diffusion and critical reception in England and the United States).
Rehner, Katherine Linguistics (UTM)/OISE (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning) Faculty French Sociolinguistics; second language teaching and learning.
Rice, Keren D. Linguistics/Aboriginal Studies Faculty Athapaskan Phonology; morphology; Athapaskan.;
Riskedahl, Diane Anthropology Faculty English, Lebanese colloquial and Modern Standard Arabic Linguistic anthropology; ideology and politics; Lebanese political rhetoric; collective memory; affect; the Middle East; political graffiti and advertising in Lebanon.
Roberge, Yves French Faculty French, Canadian; French; Romance Linguistic theory; dialect variation; Romance languages; Candian French; syntax (Romance, French); morphology-syntax interface; first language acquisition (French); null complements; transitivity.
Rupprecht, Hsiao-Wei East Asian Studies Faculty Chinese Incorporating contemporary Chinese fiction and film into the Chinese language classroom; technology in Chinese language instruction and learning; modern Chinese literature.
Sandahl, Stella East Asian Studies Faculty Sanskrit; Hindi, Classical; Hindi, Modern Standard Sanskrit language and literature; Medieval Hindi language and literature; Diachronic study of certain grammatical features of Modern Standard Hindi; Classical Indian Studies; Modern and Classical Hindi; Modern Indian society and politics shown through literature; language and religion.;
Scarci, Manuela Italian Studies/Victoria College/Opera Studies Faculty Italian Contrastive analysis: English-Italian; Renaissance studies.;
Schallert, Joseph Slavic Languages & Literatures Faculty Russian; Macedonian; Bulgarian Balkan Slavic dialects; Slavic accentuation; West Slavic prosody; Old Russian syntax; accentual dictionary and atlas of masculine nouns in Balkan Slavic dialects; morpho-lexical isoglosses in Balkan Slavic dialects.
Shternshis, Anna Jewish Studies/German/Center for Diaspora and Transnational Studies Faculty Yiddish Yiddish; Yiddish studies; Jews and the Soviet Union
Sidnell, Jack Anthropology (UTM) Faculty English Linguistic anthropology; conversation analysis; philosophy of language; children, grammar, and interaction; gaze, gesture; sociolinguistics; vernacular poetics; pragmatics (esp. deixis, presupposition); language contact; pidgins; Guyanese, and Vincentian Creoles; Vietnamese; Caribbean, African American English.
Smyth, Ronald Linguistics/Psychology (UTSC) Faculty English; Tagalog Psycholinguistics (Interface between linguistic knowledge and language comprehension, production, and acquisition; anaphora resolution (pronouns, PRO, traces, VP anaphors, and definite NP); subject-verb agreement errors in production; working memory capacity; lexical inhibition); Sociophonetics (Microphonetic variation in consonant and vowel articulation; male/female acoustic differences and sexual orientation/gender identity); Language acquisition.; (Currently, Program Director UTSC)
Spada, Nina OISE: Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Faculty Applied linguistics, second language acquisition.
Steele, Jeffrey French Faculty French Second language acquisition (eps. phonetics); phonology; second language teaching
Stevenson, Suzanne Computer Science: Computational Linguistics Faculty Automatic acquisition of linguistic knowledge from large text corpora; predicative semantics; cognitive models of human language acquisition and processing; facilitation of learning through combining words and pictures.
Stock, Markus German/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty German, Old, Middle High, Early Modern; Old Saxon Old and Middle High German; language history; high medieval epic and poetry; German (mediaeval and early: literature, language, culture); birth of German Philology (16th c.).
Subtelny, Maria Eva Near & Middle Eastern Civs. Faculty Persian, Classical Classical Persian language and literature; Medieval Persian and Islamic cultural history; history of Mediaeval Iran; classical Persian poetry & mysticism; comparative Islamic and Jewish mysticism.
Swain, Merrill OISE: Modern Language Centre, Curriculum Teaching and Learning/Linguistics Faculty French; English Bilingualism; bilingual education, esp. immersion education; language testing; second language learning; collaborative learning; task-based learning.
Tagliamonte, Sali A. Linguistics Faculty English: Canadian, British, African American Vernacular Sociolinguistics (Adolescent dialect: London, Toronto, African American Vernacular; aspect); language variation; (intensification; aspect; phonetic); language change, directions of change (grammaticalization; social correlation); (Currently, Graduate Coordinator)
Taleghani, Azita H. Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations (St. George, UTM) Faculty Persian Modern Persian language, linguistics, and literature.
Taylor, J. Glen Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations/Toronto School of Theology Faculty Hebrew, old, Northwest Semitics Hebrew and Other Northwest Semitic Languages; History of Israelite Religion; Ugaritic Studies; Relationship between Yahweh and Other Biblical Deities; Ancient Near Eastern Sun Cults; The Old Testament and Archaeology.
Townsend, David English/Center for Mediaeval Studies Faculty Mediaeval Latin; Old, Middle English Old and Middle English; Medieval ecphrasis and memory techniques; religious culture in fifteenth-century Norwich; verse hagiography of the High Middle Ages; editing and interpreting texts, esp. where close philological analysis can be combined with tools of contemporary critical theory in thematics of cultural studies.
Tsimenis, Malama French Faculty French French Literature (19th century); language instruction; translation
Urbancic, Anne Italian Studies/Victoria College Faculty Italian Foreign language pedagogy (esp. Italian as a foreign language), critical pedagogy; 19th/20th century Italian literature with focus on transdisciplinary approach; oral history; semiotics and culture; Computer Assisted Language Instruction (CALI), evaluation, training, inservice for instructors; developing language courses for International Studies; first-year experience.; (Current coordinator of Vic One program, Frye and Pearson Streams)
Vähämäki, Börje Slavic Languages & Literatures Faculty Finnish; Swedish Finnish Studies. Syntax and semantics; Finnish linguistics and language variation; Finnish language, literature, and culture in North America; philosophy of language; Finnish literature, cinema and folklore; bilingualism of Finland.
Villeneuve, Anne-José French Faculty French; Haitian Creole Sociolinguistics, language variation and change; language contact; French varieties spoken in Northern France and North America; Picardy French; phonemic dialect features; language and gender; language and ethnicity
Visoi, Marie-Anne French Faculty French Textual criticism relating to reader-response theories; 20th century novel; French Cultural Studies; second language teaching and learning; action research models for language instructor training;implementation, development and assessment of Blackboard Learning Communities; integration of experiential learning in advanced-level French through internship and service projects
Xie, Ming English Faculty English Modernist and twentieth-century poetry and poetics; theory and practice of translation; hermeneutics; comparative intercultural theory.
Young, Abigail Ann Records of Early English Drama Other Latin (Classical, Late, and Medieval), Greek (Classical and NT), Anglo-French palaeography, Anglo-Latin vocabulary, mediaeval New Testament exegesis