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Changes from version 1.2 to 2.1

Here is described briefly how TACT 2.1 differs from earlier versions (especially 1.2). Apart from changes to the interface (e.g., the menu system) and improved memory management, there is a new database structure, as a result of which all TACT textual databases prior to version 2.0 will need to be recompiled.

  1. Changed Filenames

    The following filenames have changed:

           old name         new name
           MAKBAS.EXE  -->  MAKEBASE.EXE
           TACT.EXE    -->  USEBASE.EXE
  2. New Programs and New Files

    There are the following 10 new programs:


    To determine how to use these programs, consult the online help in each. TACT.BAT is the main shell that allows access to all the TACT programs, you must set TACTPATH for this program to work correctly.

    There are also a number of new files used by TACT.BAT; they are necessary, and should not be deleted. The new files are:

    TACT.MNU (menu script)
    DOUGMENU.EXE (freeware menuing system)
    TACT.ICO (TACT icon for Windows)

  3. All Programs Except Usebase and Collgen

    For the January 1994 gamma release, all programs except Usebase and Collgen utilize DOS extended memory. This will speed up some operations for computers with any extended memory (memory above 1MB on most computers) and, we hope, eliminate a number of bugs, memory limitations, and speed bottlenecks.

  4. Makebase (Previously Makbas)

    There are two new features.

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