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TACT and local-area networks

If you plan to store TACT in a shared drive on a network there are several points to consider. Most TACT programs require some disk area where they can store temporary files. This means that the programs cannot be run from a read-only directory. You can store the programs themselves in a read-only directory, but the current/working directory has to be read/write. This usually implies running the programs from a local drive, or a separate directory on the fileserver for each concurrent use.

Usebase requires plenty of lower memory to run (i.e., memory below 640K). Network drivers can use some of this valuable space. If the workstations are -386/-486 computers with more than 640K, then use a memory manager (e.g., DOS 6.0 Memmaker, HIMEM.SYS, QEMM.SYS, etc.) to load the network drivers and any other TSRs high, freeing as much lower memory as possible.

Note that the SET TEMP variable *must* point to a read/write directory for TACT Shell to behave correctly.