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TACT and Windows

TACT will work within Windows 3.11, 95/98 but NOT with Windows NT. However, there is no mouse support for the program, so you will have to continue to use the ordinary keystrokes to perform all operations. You may wish to create a group for the TACT programs. You can do so by clicking on the New option under the File menu. Select the Program Group option and click on OK. The cursor is now in the Description Box. Then type:

TACT System

and click on OK.

You can then create icons for the TACT Menu system and/or the individual programs. For example, if you wish to create an icon for the TACT Menu, click on the New option under the File menu. Select the Program Item option and click on OK. In the Description box, type


and then press the Tab button, and for the Command Line enter the appropriate path where you installed the TACT programs, followed by the program name (e.g., C:\TACT\TACT.BAT). You may optionally enter a path for the Working Directory, if you have a directory where you store the majority of your .TDB files. Next, click on Change Icon, click on OK, to ignore the message, and type the following:


(substituting the correct path where the TACT system exists, if it is different). You can follow the same procedure for any of the other TACT programs if you wish, using the same icon (TACT.ICO), or using one of the ones provided with the Program Manager.

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