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The Global Knowledge for Development Internet List Discussion

Purpose Of This List

The Global Knowledge for Development List (GKD) was established to facilitate broad discussion of the role and impacts of knowledge, including information/communications technologies (ICTs), for development. With 1,500+ members from about 100 countries, GKD offers a major forum for the exchange of ideas. UNDP, the World Bank, and UNESCO, which support GKD, encourage those from around the world, especially those in the South, to use the List to express their own needs, experiences, and suggestions related to ICT and development. The Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) -- an informal partnership that includes the World Bank, UNDP and an array of other public, private and not-for-profit organizations -- has asked GKD to help identify innovative cases of "knowledge for development," which could be presented at the second Global Knowledge Conference (GKII, 7-10 March 2000), in Kuala Lumpur. The Conference, "Building Knowledge Societies," will focus on three themes: GKD is examining these themes along with other related issues to identify:

How To Join The GKD List

Anyone who has electronic mail with Internet access can subscribe to the GKD List. To join please send an e-mail to: majordomo@mail.edc.org. Do not enter a subject. In the body of the message, type the text: SUBSCRIBE GKD. Do not put anything after GKD. You will receive a Welcome Letter to the List.

List Moderator

This List is moderated by Education Development Center, a nonprofit organization. EDC is working collaboratively with the UN/World Bank system and is directly supported by the World Bank for the activities in this project.


Janice Brodman
e: jbrodman@edc.org
w: www.globalknowledge.org

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