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Discourse and Argumentation Studies

at the University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam offers a comprehensive program in Discourse and Argumentation Studies (DASA), featuring a unique combination of courses in Discourse Analysis and Argumentation Theory, taught by a staff of internationally distinguished scholars. The DASA courses, which are conducted in English, offer a variety of options for studying abroad. The main aim of the program is to provide students with a solid theoretical and methodological basis in the fields of Discourse Analysis and Argumentation Theory. This will give them a better understanding of the use of language for informative, argumentative formal discussion, news reports, and expository prose. The program aims to create a background from which students will be in a better position to develop and put into practice tools and techniques to help people communicate more clearly and effectively.

The program presents an overview of recent descriptive and normative research in language use, covering a broad range of topics within the fields of discourse analysis and argumentation theory. These include conversational analysis, style and rhetoric, cognitive and social psychology of discourse, the media, ideology and power, critical thinking, classical and modern rhetoric, informal logic, fallacies, juridical and conversational argument.

The DASA program reflects the scholarly collaboration of a number of departments in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Amsterdam. During the past several decades, these departments have jointly developed into an internationally renowned center for the study of Discourse Analysis and Argumentation. The faculty includes scholars of international repute, such as Professor dr. Teun van Dijk and Professor dr. Frans van Eemeren. Faculty members take part in various important scholarly activities, such as hosting the quadrannual conferences of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation, attended by scholars from all over the world, and serving as members of the editing boards of international scholarly journals such as Argumentation, Text, and Discourse and Society.

The DASA program offers students, at both graduate and undergraduate levels, the possibility of doing concentrated study in a truly academic setting. The teaching staff is well-qualified and guarantees high standards of performance. The program offers an excellent opportunity for graduate students to do part of their Master's training abroad. A full Master's degree program is offered as well. Depending on a student's background and qualifications, the degree program takes from one to three years.

Undergraduate students may benefit as well from the unique opportunity for studying abroad which the DASA program offers: they can enroll either for a one-year non-degree program or for an individualized course of studies during one or two academic quarters.

Courses offered

First Trimester:

Second Trimester:

Third Trimester:

Amsterdam University is a fully-accredited university with a long tradition of scholarly excellence. Credits awarded within the DASA program are recognized by high-ranking US and Canadian universities (such as: Northwestern University, McMaster University, University of Windsor) and by all ECG countries.

For more detailed information about the program and about studying in Amsterdam, please request the brochure with detailed information on courses, faculty, tuition and other arrangements. It may be obtained from:
DASA, University of Amsterdam, Spuistraat 134
1012 VB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel +31.20.525.4716
fax +31.20.525.4644
e-mail: w.van.der.pol@let.uva.nl

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