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Fundamentals of Argumentation Theory

A Handbook of Historical Backgrounds and Contemporary Developments

Argumentation is an important phenomenon currently studied by scholars from various disciplines. Fundatmentals of Argumentation Theory offers a unique and comrehensive survey of the various theoretical contributions which have been made to this study.

The book describes the stae of the art in this interdisciplinary enterprise from teh viewpoint of some leading scholars. Among the questions they authoritateively answer are:

Fundamentals of Argumentation Theory covers not only the historical roots of the study of argumentation in ancient rhetoric and dialectic, adn the influential contributions of Stephen Toulmin and Chaïm Perelman, but also contemporary approaches such as informal logic and criticla thinking, formal dialectics, pragma-dialectics, fallacy theory, adn communication and rhetoric. It is an invaluabel resource with an extensive list of references supplemented with a classified bibiliography for those who wish to acquaint themselves more thoroughly with a particular subject.



Part I: Historical Backgrounds
Analytic, Dialectic and Rhetoric
Analysis of Fallacies, Controversy and Discussion
Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca's New Rhetoric
Toulmin's Model of Argumentation

Part II: Contemporary Devlopments
Informal Logic and Critical THinking
Communication adn Rhetoric
Formal Logic and the formal Approach of Fallacies
Dialogue Logic and Formal Dialectics
Pragma-dialectics and Critical Discussion
Language-oriented Approaches to Argumentation
Other Significan Developments

Classified Bibiliography

The authors of Fundamentals of Argumentation Theory:
Frans H van Eemeren, University of Amsterdam
Rob Grootendorst, University of Amsterdam
Francisca Snoeck Henkemans, University of Amsterdam
J. Anthony Blair, University of Windsor
Ralph H. Johnson, University of Windsor
Erik C.W. Krabbe, University of Groningen
Christian Plantin, University of Lumière Lyon 2
Douglas N. Walton, University of Winnipeg
Charles A. Willard, University of Louisville
John Woods, University of Lethbridge
David Zarefsky, Northwestern University

ISBN 0-8058-1861-8 (cloth) 80$
ISBN 0-8058-1862-6 (paper) 40$

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