My joint appointment has provided me with an exceptional opportunity to develop a truly interdisciplinary teaching experience for undergraduates and graduate students. I’ve developed courses which address central and urgent issues in the contemporary intersection of religion and politics, drawing on readings from several disciplines – study of religion, political science, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, history – to create a learning space where students from both Political Science and Study of Religion, as well as other disciplines, can come together and exchange. These new courses are listed as Joint Politics and Religion (JPR). In my teaching and interactions with students, I’ve also worked to further the inspiration behind the Religion in the Public Sphere Initiative and act as a bridge between my two departments.

POL 2000Y – Comparative Studies in the History of Political Thought
JPR 364Y – Religion and Politics

On sabbatical leave
On leave – Jackman Humanities Institute Faculty Research Fellow

Previous Courses
JPR 419 – Secularism

JPR 2057/457 – Democracy and the Secular

JPR 364 – Religion and Politics (co-taught with Prof. Rayside)

JPR 374 – Religion and Power in the Post-colony

RLG 230 – Religion and Public Life

Doctoral Student Supervision

Michael Millerman, “Beginning with Heidegger: A Comparative Study of Receptions of Martin Heidegger as a Political Philosopher”, Political Science

Nathan Bonney, “In Defense of Hyperbolic Ethics: Emmanuel Levinas and the Responsible Self”, Study of Religion

Safiyya Ally, “‘Here I stand, I can do no other’: Autonomy and Constraint in Religion-Based Conscience”, Political Science

Sean Capener, “Stealing Time: Debt and Sovereignty in Medieval Doctrines on Usury”, Study of Religion

Amir Abdul Reda, “From Laïcité to the Islamic Revolution: Renegotiating Modernity through Shia Islamic Political Philosophy in the Lebanese Shia Community of Cote d’Ivoire”, Political Science

Doctoral Student Committees

Rebecca Bartel, Study of Religion
Amy Fisher, Study of Religion
Jackie Grossano, Study of Religion
Jessica Radin, Study of Religion
Joanna Rice, Political Science
Jessica Soedirgo, Political Science
Matthew Hamilton, Political Science

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