Ruth Marshall, Departments of Religion & Political Science University of Toronto

I’m an associate professor, jointly appointed to the Department for the Study of Religion and the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. My current research and teaching engage with contemporary intersections of religion, politics and public life, interrogating articulations of religion, secularism and democratic theory from a strongly interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. My past research and writing covers a range of empirical issues based on many years of fieldwork in West Africa – Pentecostalism in Nigeria, civil war and youth militias in Côte d’Ivoire, regional conflict, international interventionism – with a strong theoretical interest on questions of subjectivity, sovereignty, citizenship, political exclusion and violence.


I’ve joined the editorial team of the journal Political Theology. Check out the journal’s blog. (Jan. 2015)

I’ve got a couple of new papers out – you can find them on the Publications page. (Dec. 2104)

I’ve got a new post, Prayer and the Scientific Real, on the SSRC’s New Directions in the Study of Prayer website, Reverberations. (Oct. 2013)

I’ve been awarded a Chancellor Jackman Faculty Research Fellowship in 2013-2014 for Speaking in Tongues: Religion and the Call of the Political. As a Fellow, I’ll be on leave during 2013-14 and working in residence at the Jackman Humanities Institute. (Dec. 2012)

I’ve been awarded a grant from the SSRC’s New Directions in the Study of Prayer for “Moving Heaven and Earth: Prayer as Political Praxis in Global Pentecostalism.” (July 2011)

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Photos on Pentecostalism courtesy of Andrew Esiebo

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