Digital scholarship

Kiinawin Kawindomowin Story Nations is now live and ready for sharing! An interactive companion website to my book The Story of Radio Mind, I’ve been working on Kiinawin Kawindomowin Story Nations since 2012, together with students and in consultation with Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung Historical Centre of the Rainy River First Nations. The website is focused on the diary of a Toronto missionary-journalist named Frederick H. Du Vernet, who visited the Rainy River Ojibwe of Treaty 3 territory in the summer of 1898. The diary, and now the website, documents Ojibwe responses to Christianity during a particularly intense time of Canadian colonial expansion on Treaty 3 territory. Featuring an interactive annotation tool, an audio-book, and ongoing conversations with present-day community members, the website engages with questions of treaty relationships, ceremony, and public memory.

I’ve written a review of Joan Scott’s Sex and Secularism for the website Public Books, along with many short articles for The Immanent Frame, with titles including Epic Lives, Secular Christian Power and the Spiritual Invention of Nations, Fantasies of Sovereignty, Blinded by the Light, or why can’t liberals see?, and The Spiritual Politics of Healing. I contributed “Max Weber’s Grave” to Frequencies: A Collaborative Genealogy of Spirituality. Also check out this Marginalia panel on Gil Anidjar’s book Blood: The Element of Christianity, for which my contribution was called Fertile Blood.