Completed Ph.D. Supervisions


  • Justin Stein: “Hawayo Takata and the Circulatory Development of Reiki in the Twentieth-Century North Pacific”
  • Aldea Mulhern: “Fit for Food: ‘Eating Jewishly’ and ‘The Islamic Paradigm’ as Emergent Religious Foodways in Toronto”
  • Amy Fisher: “‘This Place Should (Not) Exist’: An Ethnography of Shelter Workers and the In-Between”
  • Jodie Boyer:  “Sin and Sanity in 19th c. American Christianity”
  • Rebekka King: “The New Heretics: Progressive Christians and the Historical Jesus”
  • Arlene Macdonald: “Resurrected Bodies: Religious Interpretations of Organ Donation”
  • Laurel Zwissler: “Demonstrations of Faith: Religious and Political Identity among Feminist Activists in North America”
  • Kerry Fast: “’but what a strange commixture am I’:  Borders of Self and Religion in the Making of Women’s Lives”
  • Helen Mo: Evangelicals in the Ethnoburbs: Religion, Ethnicity, and the Landscape of the Canadian Dream

Ph.D. Graduates (Committee Member)

  • Rebecca Bartel, Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, San Diego State University
    • “Card-Carrying Christians: Credit, Debt, and Believing in Emerging Colombia”
  • Jennifer Bright, “Women and Hormones in Tibetan Medical Literature”
  • Shari Golberg, Director at Shema & Iqra: The Jewish-Muslim Text Project
    • “When Beruriah Met Aisha:When Beruriah Met Aisha: Textual Interactions among Jewish and Muslim Women Engaged with Religious Law”
  • Christina Reimer
    • A Fountain Sealed: Virginity and the American Family
  • Erin Vearncombe, Princeton University
    • What Would Jesus Wear?: Dress in the Synoptic Gospels

Current Ph.D. Supervisions

  • Kyle Byron, “Evangelical Street Preachers in the US”
  • Suzanne van Geuns, Evangelical Women’s Online Presence
  • Christine Pasqua, The Bible as a Graphic Novel
  • Roxanne Korpan, Ruling by the Book: Colonial Formations of the Bible in Nineteenth-Century Canada
  • Judith Brunton: Alberta’s Oil Public and the ‘Good Life’
  • Marisa Franz: Boxes from the North: Siberian Shamanic Collection History in Imperial Russian Museums
  • Meaghan Weatherdon: Unsettled Land: Walking the Land as Decolonizing Practice in the Journey of Nishiyuu
  • Elizabeth Klaiber: Rituals of book burning in early modern England, co-supervision with David Galbraith

Current Ph.D. Committees

  • Annie Heckman, Tibetan Life Narratives
  • Saliha Chattoo: Evangelical Youth Cultures in the Southern U.S.
  • Ryan Olfert: Blood Practices in Early Christianity
  • Jennifer Bright:   Tibetan Buddhist Discourses on Women’s Health
  • Greg Fewster: Reading and Writing the Authentic Paul: A Particular History of the Pauline Textual Tradition
  • Ashley Morford, “Re-Mapping Coast Salish Territory through Pauline Johnson’s Legends of Vancouver, Department of English/Collaborative Program in Book History and Print Culture (BHPC Practicum Supervisor)

M.A. Graduates:

  • Ayan Kassim, “Rendering Bioavailable Subjects: Secular Embodiments, Religion, and Racializing Biopolitics in Ontario Organ Donation Advocacy”
  • Hannah Wilkinson, “The Devil is in the Details: An Examination of the History Possession and Exorcism in the Catholic Church”
  • Judith Ellen Brunton:  “Keeping Safe: The Toronto Birth Center, Indigenous Midwifery and Culturally Safe Care
  • Kendra Hawke:   “Keeping Us Sober: Prohibition, Protestants and Physicians in Early Twentieth-Century Ontario”
  • Natalie Merglesky:    “Immanent God, Divine Physician: Protestant and Catholic Faith Healing Narratives in 19th c. Quebec”
  • Jennifer Gilbert:    “Adoption and Christianity in Canada”
  • Roselle Gonsalves:   “Purity Balls: A 21st century, American Method of Ensuring Female Sexual Purity and Creating Feminine Identity”
  • Jennifer Bailey:   “Religious Diversity and Midwifery Care in Toronto”
  • Dace  Veinberga:    “Postcolonial Approaches to Baltic Folktales”
  • Marie Connor:    “Indigenous spirituality and the Anglican Church”

Current M.A. Students:

  • Audrey Rochette