I like to listen to classic rock on the radio: the good stuff from the 1950s through the 1970s (i.e., Bill Haley, Rock Around the Clock through The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers). One day, Elvis' Return to Sender: Address Unknown came on. It jarred me: who sends letter mail anymore? It also resonated, because an email had just come bouncing back, marked “User Unknown”. The juxtaposition flashed an “A Ha” at me, leading me to realize how much our technology and social relations have changed subtly in the past 30 years. And not just technology has changed songs: Run Around Sue from the 1950s has now become a dreaded HIV Superconnector.

So I decided to translate song titles into contemporary cyber times. But why stop at songs? The more I thought about this, the more I realized how much things had changed while we were getting on with our lives. Movies, TV, pop culture, history, places, politics, love, cars, etc. joined the list. Most are modern updatings, such as Isetta/Smart Car. However, some are just for fun, as in Godzilla/Mozilla and The Check is in the Mail/The Czech is in the Mall – noting the coming of capitalism to eastern Europe.

Technology is an obvious example of change. For example, where before we used big antennas to get radio stations 100 miles away, we now use and other internet services to listen around the world. The Great Firewall of China, filtering out anti-regime websites, has replaced the Great Wall of China. Where cowboys used to follow the Chisholm Trail, web users now follow a Breadcrumb Trail linking sites. Blackberry Cases have replaced Slide Rule Holsters. Where I (and Tommy) played Pinball in the 1950s, today’s generation plays with the Xbox.

The old and new parallels are not limited to technology. Take places, movie starlets used to get discovered at Schwab’s Drug Store in Los Angeles; now Silicon Valley denizens meet at Il Fornello in Palo Alto. Communities are no longer in neighborhoods: some are online as in MySpace. Yet, some things have stayed much the same: Fraudulent president vote counts in 1960 and 2000; American Idol is but a nastier version of Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour. Smoke rarely Gets in Your Eyes in North American restaurants or offices, with smokers constrained to stand 50 Feet from the Front Door. Debates about Iraqi policy echo ancient Athenian Melian and Syracusian Debates. Bin-Laden’s We Will Destroy the Crusader West has replaced Khrushchev’s We Will Bury You. For coupling, Ten Cents a Dance has inflated to Forty Dollars a Lap Dance, transitory Hook-Ups have replaced Going Steady, and Guys and Guys is now an alternative to Guys and Dolls.

Yet the search for parallels suggests major changes. Few have the patience to wait for Mr. Sandman when they can fall asleep more quickly with Ambien. Pearl Buck’s celebration of Chinese peasantry, The Good Earth, has been superseded by the mega-skyscrapers of Pudong, Shanghai. Wikipedia is a major advance in scope on the Encyclopedia Britannica; less so in validity. When it comes to politics and surveillance: where US Secretary of War Henry Stimson said in 1929 that Gentlemen do not read other gentlemen’s mail,” the US National Security Agency (NSA) now asserts the right and the ability to read email and phone calls – while postal mail has become irrelevantly obsolete.

I’ve ordered and grouped items loosely, with only main headings: just what seems to flow together. I’ve deliberately made items terse; Google them if you need more information. New items are added frequently.

I welcome your contributions. Please send your entries to with the subject line 'CyberTimes'. Let me know if you want to be publicly credited for your contribution, if you’d rather be anonymous, or if you’d prefer to use a pseudonym. To avoid clutter, I have left my name off of my own entries.

Feel free to contribute items from pre-Internet years, even from before the 1950s – such as Bell Boy / GSM Pager). Warning: this can become addictive – do not attempt while trying to meet deadlines.

Thanks to Sandra Wong for web implementation. © Barry Wellman 2006


Communication and Information

Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
100 Years of Solitude The System is Done
3D 3G
45 RPM 7200 RPM
6 Bags Full 4 Bars Strong
8 Character File Names 140 Character Tweets
8 mm. Film YouTube
A Letter to Three Wives Group Email
A message to Garcia Texting Bin Laden
Abbreviations TLA: Three Letter Acronyms
Ain't nothing better you know than lying in bed with your radio Ain't nothing better you know than downloading from the Internet radio
Air Brush Photoshop
Airbrush Photoshop
All Alone by the Telephone Dead phone battery
All Alone By the Telephone You Ain't Got Mail
All the News That is Fit to Print Fair and Balanced
Ambulatory Prayer Walking While Reading Smartphone Text Messages
America's Funniest Home Videos YouTube
Brett Borders
Andy Warhol's 15 Minutes of Fame American Idol
Answering Machine Voice Mail
Aphorisms Tweets
Art Movies Blockbusters
Roger Cohen
Autobiography MySpace profile
Bathroom Walls Twitter
Florence Chee
Bell Boy GSM Pager
Belly Laugh ROFLOL
Bertram Potts Jimmy Wales
Best Seller Print on Demand
Beta-Max vs VHS Blu-Ray vs HD DVD
Blackboard Electronic whiteboard
Blockbuster NetFlix
Blogs Zines
Brett Borders
Book Shelves Kindle
Book Store Amazon
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Oscar Red Carpet
Brainstorming FOO Camps
Brownie > SLR Camera Digital Camera > Smartphone Camera/Digital SLR
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie You Can't Berry Me on the Isolated Prairie
Call Me Text Me
Call Me Ishmael IM Me, Ish
Candid Camera Camera Phone
Carbon Paper Copy of File.doc
Cartoons Video games
Jaimie Banks
Cassette DVD
CBC: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC: Canadian Born Chinese
Chalk Marker
Channel 4 Channel 400 - HD
Charles Foster Kane Miranda Priestly
Christmas letter Facebook wall
Cigarette Mobile phone
Cinemascope iVideo
Cinemascope YouTube
Cinemascope 16 x 9
Cinemascope 61" LCD TV
Cisco Kid Cisco Megaswitch
Classics Illlustrated Shakespeare for Dummies
Collage Mash-Up
Collage Mash-Up
Come Softly to Me Mobile Phone Vibrate Only
Coming Attraction Trailer
Commentators Commenters
Condé Nast CondeNet
Copyright Copyleft
Courier Times New Roman
Crossword Puzzles Sudoko
Dangling Conversation Twitter Break
Dewey Decimal System Google Page Rank
Dial Touch Pad
Diary LiveJournal
Dick Tracy Wristwatch Radio iPod Video
Direct Mail Adwords
Don't Fence Me In Open Access
Dotting "i"-s and Crossing "t"-s Spell Check and Grammar Check
Drunk Dialing Drunk Texting
Duke of Earl Duke of URL
Earphones Ear Buds
Editor Curator
Bernie Hogan
Epigram Tweet
Ernestine Help Desk
Etch-a-Sketch iPad
Everybody's Talking At Me Twitter
Everyone knows Viral rumour
Expurgated Edited for Airplane Viewing
Extra, Extra, Read All About It All News Radio
F-Stop Megapixels
Fahrenheit 451 Kindle
Fax Scan and Attach
Film SD Chip
Film Reels Digital Downloads
Film Strip Slide Show on the Web
Filofax PDA
Five Minutes of Fame
Flashbulbs ISO 1600
Larry Levine
Follow You, Follow Me Twitter
For Whom the Bell Tolls For Whom the Cellphone Ring Tones
Fowlers Grammar Check
French Postcard Sexting
Frittering My Life Away Twittering My Life Away
Fun with Dick and Jane Fun with Dick and John
GMT/Greenwich Mean Time UTC/Universal Coordinated Time
Good Vibrations Ringer Off, Always Vibrate
Gossip Retweet
H.G. Wells, Permanent World Encyclopedia Wikipedia
Howard Rheingold
Handwriting Thumbing
Hate Week Fox News October 31 2008
Have You Seen Her? Twitter
Have You Talked To the Man Upstairs?
Heard Around the Water Cooler Read on a Blog
Tracy Kennedy
Heckle Tweckle
Hedda Hopper Perez Hilton
Henry L. Stimson Michael V. Hayden
High Fidelity High Definition
I Am a Camera YouTube
I Am a Camera I Am a Blog
I Am a Camera Steve Mann
I Did Not Know What Time It Was Apple Watch
I Heard It Through the Grapevine Gladys Knight Got a ReTweet
I Heard It Through the Grapevine Perez Hilton ==>
I Heard it Through the Grapevine [Fwd][Fwd][Fwd][Fwd] Re: Did You Hear?
I Read Your Paper I Retweeted You
Sarita Yardi
I Will Follow You Twitter
Tracy Kennedy
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Right Myself a Letter From: Me. To: Me. Subject: Make Believe It Came From You
I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter Blogging
In Your Face Close Talker
Jerry Seinfeld
Information Wants to be Free Access Controlled
Inkwell Toner Cartridge
Interesting Awesome
James Murray Jimbo Wales
Jet Set Skype Set
Junk Mail Spam
Junk Mail Ms Miriam Abacha
Keyword #hashtag
Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Kodak Easyshare Digital
Kodak Moment Picassa Web Album
Largo al Factotum Structural Holes
Laugh Track ROFLOL
Laughing LOL
Library of Congress catalogue number DOI: digital object identifier
Listening to Phone at Your Ear Reading Text on Phone in Your Hand
Little Things Mean A Lot Nanotech
Long Distance Information
Long distance information, give me Memphis Tennessee
Long Distance Love Affair Feather, Scent and Shaker
Mad Magazine Austin Powers
Mail Snail-Mail
Rachel Weinberger
Mail Email
Mass Marketing Micro Marketing
Message in a Bottle Lavalife
Mimeograph Group Email with Attachment
Movie Premiere DVD Release
Movie Theater Home Theater
Mr. Postman, Look at Me Mr. Sysop, Vchat Me
MTV MTV Overdrive
National Enquirer
Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet Email attachments and online magazines
New York Times
Newsboy Young Web Designer
Newspaper Home Delivery
Nikon F5 Nikon D1
No Junk Mail Adblock
No strings Wireless
Notes & Comment Twitter
Only Connect The System is Down
Operator Operating System
Pacifier iPod
Paperback eBook
Paperback Writer XBox Coder
Paperback Writer Blog Poster
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Paradise by the LCD Screen
Parcel Post Fedex
Parker 51 Pen Montblanc 4810 Pen
Pay Phone Mobile Phone
Copy Brighter
Pen Stylus
Penmanship Predictive Spelling
Penmanship Thumbpersonship
Pennsylvania Six Five Thousand +1-212-366-5000
Phil Olson
Pepsi Generation iPhone Generation
Phone Booth WiFi Stand
Photocopier 3D Printer
Please Mister Postman Please Mister Help Desk
Polaroid Digital Camera / Photo Printer
Portrait Photo Selfie
POS / Parent Over Shoulder LDL / Let's Discuss Live
Postage meter Gigabite Limits
Postcards from Honduras Picassa Web Album
Pound Key Hash Key
Pravda Fox News
Printiing Arial
PTT Central Office Internet Cafe
Public Display of Affection Personal Digital Assistant
Radio dial Presets
Reading Mail from Top to Bottom Reading Email and Replies from Bottom to Top
Reading on a Train Texting on a Train
Record Store iTunes
Relativity Soft Time
Bernie Hogan
Replay YouTube
Respect Props
Retouching Photoshopping
Retreat? Hell! Retweet Blocked
Return to Sender, Address Unknown No Such User, Domain Unknown
Rewind Replay
Ray Junco
Ring tone Nokia song
Ripping Up Paper into Small Pieces Shredder
Rock Around the Clock Dictate Notes in America at 1100 EST; Transcribe Notes in India at 2300 EST
Script Scriptment
James Cameron
Security Blanket PowerPoint Slides
See It Now Webcast
See no evil; hear no evil Eyes on iTouch screen; listening to iPod music
See You in September Webcam Every Night
Selectirc II Correction Button Word Red Underline
Roger Cohen
Sennheiser Bose
Sermon at Church Podcast While You Work Out
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered e-Signature and Attachment
Sitting by the Telephone Staring at an Empty Inbox
Skip to My Lou Skype to Me, Lou
Slide Projector Data Projector
Smoke Signals Twitter
Speed Reading Speed Email Reading
Spelling Bee Spell Check
Star Trek Communicator Motorola Razr
Strolling Communication
Swiss Army Knife BlackBerry
Switchboard operator Router
Tabletop TV Home Theatre
Take a Message to Michael RT @Michael
Tape Recorder Voice Recorder
Telegram Tweet
Telegram Texting
Telegraph Code Binary Code
Teletype Attachment
test test
Text Hypertext
Beloit College
The Barber of Seville Degree = 3,000
The Bells are Ringing The Ring Tones are Singing
The Dog Ate the Mail The Spam Filter Blocked Your Mail
The Dozens Twitter Trending Topics
The Dozens Alt.Flame
The Machine Stops Google Scholar
The Realist Vice - VBS
The Sheep Look Up Everyware
The Sound of Silence Vibrating Mobile Phone
Thematic Apperception Test Image Retrieval System
Think Before You Speak Google Before You Tweet
Chris Messina
To Each His Own The Daily Me
Tooting Your Own Horn Retweeting Praise For Yourself
Top Stories Trending Topics
Brett Borders
Top Stories of the Year Digg Hot Topics
Copy Brighter
Touch Tone Phone Smartphone
Touch Typing Thumb Typing
Roger Cohen
Transparencies Powerpoint
Tupac Video Tupac Hologram
Turn the Dial Click the Remote
Bev Wellman
TV Channels Web Sites
TV Guide
TV Network Speciality Cable Channel
Typewriter Ribbon Laser Printer Toner
Dan Kurtz
Unanswered Phone Voice Mail
Underline Ctrl-I
University Microfilms
Use of phone blocks internet router outage blocks internet
Jeffrey Boase
Vanity Press Blog
Vantage Press LiveJournal
Wait a minute, Mr. Postman Almost missed Fedex
Waiting for a Party Line to Clear Your Call is Very Important to Us
Walk Like a Man Walkman
Walk on By Scroll on By
Walkman iPod
Whale of a Job / Bell/AT&T Graphic Floundering Whale / Twitter Overload Graphic
Yu-li Patrick Hsieh
What's Up Tiger Lily? Google Chrome Translate add-on
White-Out Ctrl-X
Who's Calling? Hi, Barry
Whole Earth Catalog Wikipedia
Willoughy Peerless J&R
Xerox Photocopy
Florence Chee
Yakety-Yak Blah, Blah
Yearbook Facebook
Yellow Pages
Yes Absolutely
You Send Me Courier Charges Paid by Recipient
You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio You Click Me On, I'm a DVD Burner
You'll Never Walk Alone Bluetooth Earpiece
You'll Never Walk Alone If You Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Charged
You're a Thousand Miles Away You're a Skype Click Away
You're So Far Away You're So Hard to Get on Videophone
Your Show of Shows
Zines Blogs
Copy Brighter

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
42nd Street Avenue Q
47th Street Camera Akihabara
55 Days at Peking Beijing 2010
77 Sunset Strip Beverly Hills 90210
Acapulco San Miguel de Allende
Allotment Garden Grow-Op
As American as Apple Pie As Canadian as Possible Under the Circumstances
Back in the USSR Back in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia ...
Stan Wasserman
Bali High Bali Bombing
Barbie's Dollhouse Second Life
Blueberry Hill Blueberry Hill Estates, Suburban Beijing
Blueberry Hill Non-GMO Organic Hill
Busted Flat in Baton Rouge Busted Flat in Arizona, California, Florida, New York City ...
Butterfield 8
Cafe Doney, Rome Dooney's Cafe, Toronto
California Dreaming IPO
Camelot Spamalot
Carpet Sweeper Dust Buster
Casablanca Kandahar
Chattanooga Choo-Choo Memphis Fedex Warehouse
Cheyenne Brokeback Mountain
Chinatown Pacific Mall
Chisholm Trail Breadcrumb Trail
Compass GPS
Don't Fence Me In Politically Incorrect
Don't Mess with Mister In-Between Lake Wobegon: Where All the Children are Above Average
Downtown Wal-Mart & the Multiplex
Dungeons & Dragons World of Warcraft
Eames Chair Interactive Furniture
Ebbetts Field Chavez Ravine
Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City Silicon Valley
Fabulous Fontainebleau, Miami Beach Burj al Arab, Dubai
Fire Escape Balcony
Forbidden City Green Zone
Gay Paree 1890 Gay Toronto Marriage 2005
Georgia On My Mind Abkhazia
Get Along Little Doggies Hurry Up, Downloads
Globe Google Earth
Graceland Mansion Neverland Ranch
Green Acres The Simple Life
Hair Avenue Q
Heartbreak Hotel Phillipe Starck
Hollywood & Vine Sand Hill Road and Junipero Serra Blv
Hoover Dam Three Gorges Dam
How the Other Half Lives Tofu Crumble Buildings
I Cover the Waterfront I Load Containers
I Have a Friend in Minsk Alexander Lukashenko
I Know a Place to Go MySpace
I've Got a Girl in Kalamazoo The Kalamazoo Promise
I. Am. Canadian Molsons Coors
Interior Decorator Interior Designer
Jane Jacobs Richard Florida
Jersey Bounce Springsteen Rocks
Jersey City Back Office Bangalore Back Office
Roger Cohen
MacArthur Park Tommy Franks Parkette
MacArthur Park MacArthur Foundation
Main Street Martin Luther King Boulevard
Manhattan Cosmopolitan
Maquilidores Bangalore
Mayberry Dog River
Mexico China
Mississippi Goddamn Trent Lott
Mondo Cane Mondo Condo
Mr Rogers Neighborhood Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook
Muskoka Creemore
My Blue Heaven Pandora
My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada Cloud Girlfriend
My Lai Ishaqi
Beloit College
Nashville Crash
North by North West South by South West
On Broadway In the Mall
On the Street Where You Live Google Street Views
On the Street Where You Live On Your Facebook Site
On Top of Old Smokey On the Internet Working
Philip Olson
One Horse Open Sleigh BMW X5 AWD
Out of Africa
Over the River and Through the Woods Logging onto MSN and IMing Granny Dude
Pastures a Plenty Clear Cut Logging
Pennsylvania 6-5000 +1-212-736-5000
Penny Lane Pound Lane
Peyton Place Desperate Housewives
Pleasantville Netville
Polo Grounds AT&T Park
PotemkinVillage Potemkin Website
Purgatory Airport Security Zone
Rear Window Disturba
Rec Room Family Room
Red River Valley Winnipeg Flood of the Century
Irving Farkle
Ring Octagon
Schwab's Drug Store, Los Angeles Il Fornello, Palo Alto
Shangri-La Lijiang
Sino-Soviet Empire Chimerica
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Floating on the Docking Bay of the Space Station
Sketches of Spain Google Earth
Slip, Sliding Away Toronto Winter of 2008
Smokey Joe's Cafe No Smoking Anywhere in the Care
Soda Shop MySpace
South of the Border, Down Mexico Way NAFTA
Standing on the Corner Watching All the Girls Go By Africam
Starry Night International Dark-Sky Association
Streets of Laredo Drugs of Laredo
Irving Farkle
Stuck in the Middle with You Median = Mode
Sudbury Saturday Night Chapleau High-Speed Mesh Network
Sultan of Swat Swat Valley
Sunset Boulevard Cesar Chavez Avenue
Super 8 Digital Video
Surf City USA Internet Game Room Korea
TD Bank, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Second Cup, Peets
Bev Wellman
The Amboy Dukes Brooklyn Heights
The Cancer Ward The Moscow Mafia
The Goldbergs Little Mosque on the Prairie
The House of the Rising Sun Destroyed in Hurricane Katrina
The Last Picture Show Brokeback Mountain
The Prisioner Tremblant Resort Village
The Rovers Return Inn on Coronation Street
The Sand Pebbles Victoria Lines Yangtze Gorge Cruises
The Story of a Country Town Prairie Home Companion
This Land is Your Land Globalization
Thunderdome Urinetown
Tin Pan Alley Silicon Valley
Toronto Raccoon City
Town Without Pity Falluja
Trantor Coruscant
Trapp Family Lodge Trapp Family Timeshares
Tub Hot Tub
Up in the Air Glocalization
Venice, Italy Venice, California
Viva Las Vegas Henderson NV
Waist Deep in the Big Muddy Bogged Down in the Anbar Dust
Waldorf Astoria Burj Al-Arab
Walter Winchell Wind Chill
West Side Story West Bank Story
Yellow Submarine BlackBerry

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
2002 Tii 335i BiTurbo
409 419
A Streetcar Named Desire A LRT Named Sexual Harassment
Abarth Dinan
AMC Pacer Pontiac Aztek
American Grafitti Fast and the Furious
Austin Mini BMW Mini
Cadillac Maybach
Cadillac Eldorado Bentley GT Continental
Canadian Railroad Trilogy Research in Motion
Car 54, Where Are You? You Never Got the Email I Sent?
Car Key Car Fob
Chevy Chery
Chrysler - Mercedes Benz Chrysler - Fiat
Cigarette lighter LED light
Deacon's Wonderful One-Horse Shay 1990 BMW 325ix
DeSoto Mercury
Don't Drink and Drive Don't Text and Drive
Don't Drive and Drive Don't Text and Drive
Drafting Drifting
Dymaxion Segway
El Dorado Avalon
Engine, Engine #9 Camry, Camry V6
Four on the Floor Six Speed Paddle Shifter
Four on the Floor Eight on the Paddle Shifter
General Motors Government Motors
Dennis DeRosier
Get Your Kicks on Route 66 Dodge 18-Wheelers on I-20
Hack Black Car
Hells Angels on Wheels Hot Small Cap Tip
Herbie, the Love Bug iPod
Hub Cap Wheel Cover
Isetta Smart Car
Karmann Ghia Chrysler Crossfire
Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel No talking with handheld cellphone
Knight Rider Smart Car
Little Deuce Coupe Little iPod Nano
Jason Nolan
Little Deuce Coupe Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Little Old Lady from Pasadena Grand Theft Auto
Matchbox Global Hawk
Merry Oldsmobile Nissan Corvette
Michael Moore Rick Warren
My Mother, The Car My Mother, The Server
Nash Rambler (Beep Beep) Honda Civic Si
One For My Baby and One More For The Road Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Pram Stroller
Short Line Coach USA
Side Vents Air Conditioning
Solex Segway
Solid Gold Cadillac Prius
Spare Tire Run-Flat Tire
Station Wagon Crossover
Stick-Shift SMG
The Deacon's Wonderful One-Horse Shay 1990 BMW 325ix
The Little Engine That Could BMW M20 Engine
The Trolley Song The LTR Song
Trabent Nano
We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun Till Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away --------------- Till My Current Step-Father Cancels IM
Weber Carburetor Weber Barbeque
White Line Fever Overclocked
Woodie Hummer
You're 16, You're Beautiful, and You're Mine Red Yofi -- 1990 325iX
Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Pilates and the Art of Hacking

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
24 Hours from Tulsa Interstate 44
3:10 to Yuma 1510 to Inuvit
707 787
Atcheson Topeka & Santa Fe Southwest Airlines
Ballad of the MTA Ballad of MH370
Big Yellow Taxi (They Paved Paradise) Twin Towers
Lloyd Levine
Blizzard Snowmaggedon
By the Time I Get to Phoenix By the Time This Website Loads
Lloyd Levine
Captain Nemo Disney's Nemo
Chisholm Trail Nieman Ranch
Close to You All Day Skype
Come Fly with Me Up in the Air
Directions to Our House
Do You Know the Way to San Jose? What's Her URL?
Don't Fence Me In Mexican Immigration to the U.S.
Don't Know Where or When GPS + PDA
Down by the Station, Early in the Morning Airline Strands Passengers Overnight
Dumbo, The Flying Elephant Howl's Moving Castle
Easy Rider Easy Jet
Europe on $5 a Day America on 50 Euros a Day
Europe on $5 a Day Europe on €500 a Day
Exodus Right of Return
Fear of Flying Fear of Airports
Ferry Across the Mersey Runcorn Bridge
Futurama Consumer Electronics Show
Gangplank Jetway
Ghost Riders in the Sky The Nazgul
Go West Young Man Air China Flight 8851
Have Gun, Will Travel Have Laptop, Will Travel
Hit the Road Jack You're Off my Buddy List, Troy
I Walk the Line I Walk the Highline
I'm Walking I'm Segwaying
I'm Walking To New Orleans I'm Evacuating New Orleans
Idlewild JFK
Interborough Parkway Jackie Robinson Parkway
It's a Treat to Beat Your Feet on the Mississippi Mud I-35 Minnesota Bridge Collapse
Irving Farkle
King of the Road Humvee
Last train to Clarksville Northwestern cancels last flight to Clarksville
Life is a Highway Life is an Information Highway
Malton Pearson
Meter Maid Parking Control Officer
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore Jet-Ski
Midnight Train to Georgia Red-Eye to Hartsfield-Jackson
Mile High Club Frequent Flier Club
Alan W.
Monsieur Hulot's Holiday Mr. Bean's Holiday
Night Train Red Eye
On the Road In the RV
On the Street Where You Live On the Buddy List Where you Hang Out
One for the Road Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Pullman Berth Lie-Flat Bed
Railway Express Airborne Expressway
Rand McNally Google Maps
Rand McNally Maps Denso Navigation System
Ride Sally, Ride IM Sabrina, IM
Rock Island Line Air Trans
Roller Derby Short Track Speed Skating
Roller Skates Roller Blades
Route 66 Jet Blue
Run Away to Join the Circus Run Away to Join a Rock Band
Courtney from Fresh
Runaway Train Overclocked Server
See The USA in your Chevrolet Our Country
Show Me The Way to Go Home Google Maps Directions to Home
Sky Cap Suitcase with Wheels and Retractable Handle
Slow Boat to China
Spadina Bus Spadina LRT Streetcar
Sputnik International Space Station
Stay Home and Cultivate Our Garden On the No-Fly List
Straighten Up and Fly Right Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Straighten Up and Fly Right Alitalia
Surfboard Snowboard
Take the A Train
Tempus Fugit Red Shift
The Ballad of the MTA The Ballad of LAX Security
The Nearness of You Teledildonics
The Sand Pebbles Yangtze Gorges Cruise
The Trolley Song The LRT Song
The Wanderer The Net Surfer
This Train is Bound for Glory Vatican Airlines
Thumbing a Ride Thumbing a BlackBerry
Satch Carlson
Ticket to Ride eTicket on EasyJet
Trip Journey
Triptik In-Car Navigation System
Twenty Four Hours FromTulsa Twenty Four Minutes to System Re-Boot
Unchained Melody Wireless Reggaeton
Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon Carl Fredricksen; Falcon Heene
Urge for Going Prostate
Valise Suitcase
Judith Cutaia
Walk Like a Man Walkman MP3
Walk Like a Man Oscar Pistorius' Cheetahs
Irving Farkle
Walking the Dog Running the Roomba
You Send Me Telekinesis
You'd be So Nice to Come Home To Esc
You're a Thousand Miles Away Two Hours on Jet Blue

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Love and Coupling

Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation T-Shirt and Jeans
Affair Inappropriate Relationship
All You Need is Love Free Hugs:
All You Need is Love ------------- and the Morning After Pill
Always Something There to Remind Me Lifelogging
American Grafitti American Pie
Anne Hathaway: Recipient of 2nd Best Bed Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada
Baby, it's cold outside Global warming
Back in My Arms Again Hillary and Bill
Bill Clinton Elliot Spitzer
Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice Humpday
Breaking up is hard to do Facebook Relationship = Single
Bubbe the Yenta J-Date
Busby Berkeley Dancing with the Stars
Bye Bye Love Relationship Status: Single
Call for Philip Morris Ring Tone
Carnal Knowledge Sex and the City
Church Picnic Christian Singles
Cupid, Lend Me Your Bow Rohypnol
Dating > Sneaking > Engagement > Marriage > Renting > Buying Home Sleeping Together > Renting > Buying Home > Engagement > Marriage?
Day In, Day Out 24/7
Debbie does Dallas
Dirty Weekend Co-Presence
Ditched Nexted
Do You Want Somebody To Love You?
Does He Know Me, I Want to Know eHarmony
Eddie & Liz & Richard Jessica & Brad & Angelina
Eight Days a Week 24/8
Kristen Berg
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik All Nighter
Elizabeth Taylor Beast with a Billion Backs
Emma Clueless
Erica Jong Carrie Bradshaw
Fairy Gay
Frankie and Johnny Jake and Heath
Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn Whatever
Gay Bashing Gay Marriage
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Anna Nicole Smith
Get Me to the Church on Time Runaway Bride
Graffiti on Bathroom Stall Door Craigslist
Wojeich Gryc
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Meet the Fockers
Guys and Dolls Guys and Guys
Have You Talked to the Man Upstairs? Free VoIP Call
He's So Fine My Sweet Lord
Hello, I Love you, Won't You Give Me Your Name Speed Dating
Hey There Lonely Girl Lonelygirl15
Hey There, Lonely Girl eHarmony is Down
Honky Tonk Woman Expatriate Bankers and Their Girl-Friends
I Am Woman You Guys
I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You Sousveillance
I Found My Thrill on Blueberry Hill I Found My Thrill on
Jason Nolan
I Get Along Without You Very Well FaceBook Friends
I Have My Love To Keep Me Warm I Have My Laptop To Keep Me Warm
I Hear You Knocking I See You Pinging
I Hear You Knocking But You Cannot Come In Password Changed
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
I Want to Hold Your Hand I Want to Stroke Your Webcam
I Will Always Love You Cryogenic Storage
I'm Going to Wash that Man Right Out of My Hair Britney Spears
I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair I'm Gonna Photoshop That Significant Other Right Out of My Gallery
I'm just a lonely boy Partner status: single
I'm Walking the Floor Over You I'm Trolling the Blogs Over You
I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face Facebook Obsession
Is it in His Kiss Collagen Lips
James and Dolley Madison Fred and Jeri Thompson
Jayne Mansfield Fergie
Judith Exner Ashley Alexandra Dupre
Sarah Kershaw
Just One Look Is All It Took ChatRoulette
Kiss and Tell Kiss and Text
Wenhong Chen
Kiss and Tell Sex, Text & Flickr
Stanley Wasserman
Lestat Edward
Liebestod Hook-Up
Linus' Security Blanket Cialis
Little Sister Jamie Lynn Spears
Lonely Boy Tiger Woods
Loose Women Pornsters
Love and Marriage
Love and Marriage Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage Cohabitation
Love for Sale COYOTE
Irving Farkle
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing Love is a Polychromatic Multimedia Thing
Love Potion #9 Axe Body Spray
Mail Order Bride Cyber-Dating Meet-Up
Marilyn and Jolting Joe Madonna and A-Rod
Marriage #Hashtag for Life
May-December Lost in Translation
Men's Room Wall Craigslist
Brett Borders
Men's Room Wall Craigslist
Moments to Remember Journlr
Monica Lewinsky Emperor's Club VIP
Mrs Robinson Mrs Iris Robinson
Mrs. Robinson Cougar Town
My Boyfriend's Back and There's Gonna be Trouble My Little Brother's Back and There's Gonna be Hacking
Jason Nolan
My World is Empty Without You Twitter is Down
My World is Empty Without You, Babe Last Apollo Mission to the Moon
Never Leave M Samantha
Night and Day 24/7
No Sex on First Date No Cellphone Call on First Date
Nothing is so Terrible as a Lover Spurned With an Archive of Text Messages
Nude Beach TMI
O Mein Papa O, My Mother's Current Partner
Old Maid Cougar
Only the Lonely Followers 0; Following 1,000
Ozzie and Harriet Ozzie Osbourne
Pillow Talk Tempur-Pedic
Pimps Craigslist, Facebook
Please help me, I'm falling Wirework
Pretty Baby Sex Tours to Southeast Asia
Pretty Baby Samantha Gailey Geimer
Publishing the Banns Twitpixing the Wedding
Put Your Head on My Shoulder Pierce Brosnan & Sarah Jessica Parker in "Mars Attacks"
Raise the Red Lantern Flavor of Love
Sonya Farkle
Roman Holiday The Prince and Me
Run Around Sue HIV Super Connector
Samson Tiger Woods
Sealed with a Kiss PGP
Separate Beds Separate Homes
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Afghani Shiite Marital Relations Law
Silhouettes Lo-Rez Webcams
Since You Went Away Since You Went Offline
Singles Dance Lavalife
Sixty Minute Man 3,600,000,000,000 Nanosecond Person
Snow White Princess Tiana
Some Enchanted Evening Some MySpace Click
Someday We'll Be Together Bill & Hillary Clinton
Sonja Henie Battle of the Blades
Spanish Fly GHB
Speed Dating Chat Roulette
Spin the Bottle Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
Splish Splash, I was Taking a Bath Splish Splash, We were Fooling Around in the Hot Tub
Standing on the Corner, Watching All the Girls Go By Logging on to ChatRoulette
Stella by Starlight Stella by High-Intensity Color-Balanced Halogen Street Light
Stop! In the Name of Love Bush Administration Abstinence Policy
Streetwalker Netwalker
Sonya Farkle
Taming of the Shrew Ten Things I Hate About You
Tears on My Pillow Tempurmatic
Teddy Bear Cell Phone
Tender Mercies Crazy Heart
The Addams Family The Osbournes
The Bells are Ringing Router
The Dating Game The Bachelor
The Game of Love Second Life Orgy Room
The Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding
The Purpose of a Man is to Love a Woman Bromance
The Tender Trap Pre-Nuptial Agreement
The Tender Trap Sex and the City
Thelma & Louise Gay Marriage
They Call It Puppy Love Dirty Dancing
They Tried to Say We're Too Young Britney Spears
They Tried to Tell Us We're Too Young Kristen and Edward
This Diamond Ring Blood Diamonds
Three Little Words 140 Character Tweets
To Know, Know, Know Him is To Love, Love, Love Him Brad Pitt
Toilet Seat Cover Up or Down? Laptop Cover Up or Down?
Tunnel of Love Chunnel of Love
Walk Like a Man Transgendered
Wash That Man Paris Hilton for Carl's Jr
Waterbed Tempur Pedic
We are Family Hillary and Bill
We Can Work It Out We Can Webcam
Western Union Man Hotmail Help Person
What is This Thing Called Love?
What'd I Say? Ctrl-Z
When a Man Loves a Woman When a Man Loves a Man
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream, dream, dream, dream Whenever I want you, all I have to do is Facebook, MySpace, Skype
Where or When? Location Aware Software
Who Wrote the Book of Love/ Who Wrote
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Hook-Up
Words of Love I [[Image:Heartbeat.gif]] U
Wuthering Heights Twilight
Yakety-Yak IM'ing
You Don't Send Me Flowers Any More @---`--,--`--,--`--,--`--,-- @---`--,--`--,--`--,--`--,--
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To You'd Be So Nice to Webcam With
You're 16, You're Beautiful and You're Mine Roman Polanski

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Music and Art

Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
At the Hop At the Rave
At the Hop At the Rave
At the Hop At the Rave
Big Break 100K YouTube Followers
Boom Box / Ghetto Blaster iPod
Bootleg Liquor Bootleg Music, Movies
Randy Bachman
Buy LP Download Song
Bwana Devil Avatar
Carmen Miranda Lady Gaga
Roger Cohen
CD Coaster
Nancy White
Columbia House Records iTunes
Brett Borders
Concept Album iPod Folder
Dick Clark's American Bandstand MTV
Disco Rap
DJ Pandora
Sasha Frere Jones
Doo-Wap Hip Hop
Double Bass Upright Bass
Rachel Weinberger
Drop Another Nickel in the Machine PayPal 99cents to iTunes
Elvis Presley Elvis Costello
Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers Back Street Boys
Green Door Green Day
Guitar Acoustic Guitar
Rachel Weinberger
Janis Joplin Amy Winehouse
Janis Joplin Courtney Love
Jerry and the Pacemakers Artifical Pacemakers
Judy Garland Michael Jackson
Jukebox iTunes
Kind of Blue Hue 122 Lum. 181 Sat. 231 Red 132 Green 189 Blue 255
Kurt Cobain Pete Doherty
Lennon Sisters Jonas Brothers
Less Paul, Jr. Boss GTB
Mama Cass Queen Latifah
Mambo Reggaeton Perreo
Mood Indigo Hue 199, Sat. 202, Lum. 145, Red 235, Green 69, Blue 239
Old Fashioned Old School
Sonya Farkle
On Broadway On YouTube
Play It Again, Sam Hit the Repeat Button, Samantha
Pointillism Pixelization
Public Jukebox Private MP3 Player
Put Another Nickel in the Nickelodeon 99 Cents for iTunes
Ringling Brothers Circus Cirque du Soleil
Rock Around the Clock Rave
Send in the Clowns Cirque de Soleil
Shure V15 Record Player Needle Shure E5c Earbuds
Stratocaster Guitar Hero
Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour American Idol
The Beat Goes On Autotune
The Monkees Il Divo
The Platters The Blu-Rays
The Sound of Silence Bose QC2
Top 10 Disk Purchases of the Week Top 10 Downloads of the Week
Top of the Pops iPod
Tribute Show Holographic Performance
Mary Meeker
Twist and Shout Pilates
U2 YouTube
Natalie Zinko
Victrola MP3 Player
Waylon Jennings Wailin' Jennys
With a Song in My Heart iPod Implant
You Light Up My Life Cellphones at a Concert
Your Hit Parade iTunes Top 10 Songs

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
1984 The Matrix
A Man's Home is His Castle A Person's Home is His/Her Network Base
All in the Family Friends
All the Lonely People Go Online
Sonya Farkle
Archie Bunker Homer Simpson
Bar Mitzvah 10 with Full Data Plan
Beat Generation Bohedonism
Best Friends BFF
Blackboard Jungle Columbine Massacre
Bob & Doug McKenzie Trailer Park Boys
Bowling Alone Online Poker
Breakfast at Tiffany Coffee at Starbucks
Lloyd Levine
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Taxpayer, Can You Spare a Trillion?
Cheers Friendster
Collective Connective
Megan Boler
Dennis the Menace Everybody Hates Chris
Dukes of Hazzard Trailer Park Boys
Eight is Enough Jon & Kate + 8
Eleanor Rigby / Only the Lonely Social Isolation in America
Lynn Smith-Lovin
Everybody's Somebody's Fool Plaxo "Friends"
Everyday People The Simple Life
Fame Glee
Fame Glee
Family Dinner Mcdinner
Larry Levine
Fantasy Island
Fordham Baldies Crips
Friend of a friend Regifting
Gemeinschaft Networked Individualism
Groups Networks
Guest Books Blog Comments
Brett Borders
Guiding Light Real Women of New York
High School Reunions Facebook
Copy Brighter
Hula Hoop Grand Theft Auto
I Love Lucy Everybody Loves Raymond
It Takes a Village It Takes a Network
Jane Jacobs' Eyes on the Street Google Street Views
Jesus Christ Superstar Gospel of Judas
Tina August
Judy Blume/Forever Suzanne Collins/The Hunger Games
Paul Sullivan
Kula Ring Re-Gifting
Lifelong friends BFF
Literary World Blogosphere
Little Boxes Weeds
Little League Baseball Skateboarding
Dana White
Little Women The Upside of Anger
Local Glocal
Luncheon at Sardi's Power Breakfast in Building 111, Redmond
Make Room for Daddy Promise Keepers
Mothers of Invention Broken Social Scene
Neighbor Homey
New Waterford Girl Trailer Park Boys
New Waterford Girl Juno
Omega Man I Am Legend
Only the Lonely Social Isolation in America
Lynn Smith-Lovin
Our Town Our Listserv
Peanuts Dilbert
Peg Perego Stroller-cize
Peter Kropotkin Linus Torvalds
Pig Parties Dinner with Schmucks
Psychic Life Coach
Put Your Hand in the Hand Six Degrees of Separation
Rest in Peace Delivery Expired (Message Too Old): Mailbox Disabled
Ring Around the Rosie Bowling Alone
Saturday Night Fever Jersey Shores
SimSoc The Sims
Sixteen candles Sixteen LEDs
Stranger in a Strange Land X-Men
Structural Functionalism Networked Individualism
Sy Goode The Goode Family
Thanks for the Memories Gordon Bell
The 7 Faces of Dr Lao The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
The Age of Aquarius The Age of Mars
The Boys of Summer Canadian Women's Olympic Hockey Team
The Cosby Show Everybody Loves Chris
The Goldbergs Little Mosque on the Prairies
The Jetsons Futurama
The Last Temptation of Christ The Da Vinci Code
Tina August
The lonely crowd Social isolation in America
The Machine Stops Surrogates
The Nelsons The Simpsons
Theater Party near Times Square Movie Download Party at Home
Tocqueville Putnam
Tragedy of the commons Information wants to be free
TV as Pacifier Internet as Pacifier
Village People Pride Week
Virtual Community Social Media
Walk Hand in Hand With Me
We are the World We are the World 25
Witchcraft Wiccan
Woodstock Burning Man
You Can Take Them With You
You've Got a Friend You've Got 522 Friends(ters)

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Drugs, Health and Food

Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
1 from Column A and 2 from Column B Tasting Menu
222 Tylenol 3
98.6 37.0
A Certain Smile Caps, Crowns and Implants
A Whiter Shade of Pale SPF 64
Achy, Breaky Heart Vioxx
Alcoholic Workaholic
All Day, All Night, Marianne EPO (Erythropoietin)
Almond Joy Almond Croissant
Americans Growing Taller Americans Growing Wider
Anacin Advil
And Death Shall Have No Dominion And Death Shall Have No Domain Name
Antiobiotics Probiotics
Baby Duck Yellowtail
Bar/Dumb Bells Free Weights
Best Years of Our Lives Walter Reed Army Hospital Scandal
Big Girls Don't Cry Marion Jones
Bud the Spud Instant Potatoes
Caffeine Neuroenhancers
Canteen Water Bottle
Carter's Little Liver Pills Ducolax
Caspian Sea Caviar American Caviar
Chock Full o' Nuts Tim Hortons
Cocktail Hour Happy Hour
Cod Liver Oil Omega-3 Supplement
Kathleen Lau
Come Rain or Come Shine Come Rain or Come Smog
Cracker Jacks Kinder Eggs
Crazy, I'm So Crazy Obessive Compulsive Disorder
Cream Cheese Chevre
Crutches Hip/Knee Replacements
Crystal Blue Persuasion Crystal Meth
Crystal Meth Dopamine
Cupcake Muffin
Dave Van Ronk Ozzie Osbourne
Dixie Cups Ben & Jerrys
Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News Telemedicine
Doctors' Strike Two-Tier Medicine
Drink Water Hydrate
Drinking Water Hydrating
Eats, Shoots & Leaves Eat, Pray, Love
Epidemic Pandemic
Evolution Creationism
False Teeth Implants
Fantastic Voyage Colonoscopy
Footloose Orthotics
Garbage Can Recycling Bin
Geritol 81 mg. Asprin
Gold's Gym Flirty Girl Fitness
Grand Rounds Powerpoint Lecture
Gravestone Facebook Memorial Page
Green Stamps Loyalty Program
Gym Fitness Center
Gym Teacher Personal Trainer
He Kicked Sand in My Face Steroids
Heart of Gold Hip of Titanium
Help Me Make It Through the Night Red Bull
Hippie Hip Replacement
Homo Milk Whole Milk / 3.8% Milk
House calls Telemedicine
I Only Have Eyes for You Organ Donation
I was a Big Man Yesterday Mark McGwire
I've Got You Under My Skin Surrogate Motherhood
Ice Cream Soda Iced Moccachino
Ice Man Cometh Ice Cube Maker
Iceberg Lettuce Arugula
Insomnia Parasomnia
Is It In His Eyes? Laser Eye Surgery
It's Too Late. She's Come Undone Morning After Pill
Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC
Ketchup Salsa
Beloit College
Kind of Blue Kind of BiPolar
Let It Bleed Period Coloring Book
Angela Yip
Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries Life is Only a Bowl of Cherries If They Are Locally-Grown Organic
Lipstick Lip Gloss
M&Ms My M&Ms
Malnutrition Obesity
Mecury Thermometer Electronic Thermometer
Beloit College
Mercury Anal Thermometer Digital Oral Thermometet
Mere Alcohol Doesn't Thrill Me At All Antabuse
Midnight Rambler Tims Run
Milk from Contented Cows Organic Meadows
Miltown Prozac
Mr Coffee Nespressp
Mr. Sandman Ambien
Mr. Sandman Enter Sandman
My Friend, the Witch Doctor My Chemotherapist, the Oncologist
My Friend, the Witch Doctor My Friend, the New Age Healer
My Heart Stood Still Beating Heart Surgery
Nescafe Cappucino
Never Trust Anyone Over 30 50 is the New 30
No Doz Red Bull
Olympic Amateurism Olympic Professionalism
One Pill Makes You Higher One Pill Makes You Harder
Pacifier iPod
Peanuts and Cracker Jacks Sushi and Lobster Rolls
Perrier with naturally carbonated spring water Perrier with spring water and carbon dioxide
Plan 9 From Outer Space Plan B from the Pharmacy
Polio SARS
Popsicle Creme Brulée
Psycho Disturbia
Puff the Magic Dragon Puff Daddy
Reefer Madness Sports Doping
Root Beer Smoothie
Rouge Blush
Royal Jelly Botox
Rum and Coke Vodka and Red Bull
Salami Salumi
Julia Moskin
Scrub Exfoliate
Scrub Brush Loofah
Share the Podium Own the Podium
She's Come Undone Amy Winehouse
Silent Butler Dustbuster
Sleeping on the Fire Escape Turning Up the Air Conditioner
Small Grande
Small Tall
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes But Only > 50 Feet from the Doorway
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Defense de Fumer
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Vaping
Spinach Boli
Strawberry Fields Forever Locally-Grown Organic Strawberries at the Farmer's Market
Sugar & Spice Splenda & Lemon Grass
Sugar, Sugar Glucophage
Sun Tanning Improving My Vitamin D
Suntan Oil Sunblock
The Beat Goes On Levitra
The Grass is Greener After Decriminalization
These Eyes Bubbles
They Shoot Horses Don't They Ironman Ultra Triathlon
Tim Horton Tim Hortons
Toothache, Earache Bluetoothache
Tossing and Turning Ambien
Tossing and Turning Ambien
Trimalchio Alice Waters
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out Log On, Link In, Post to Blog
Uncle Ben's Risotto
Valley of the Dolls Major League Baseball
Vanilla Ice Cream Oreo Cookies Ice Cream
Beloit College
Velveeta Fifth Town Artisan Nettles Gone Wild Organic Goat Cheese
Vitamin C Vitamin D
Wake Up Little Suzie Too Much Ambien
Wheaties Human Growth Hormone
When Pigs Could Fly Swine Flew
Warren Clements
White Rabbit World Anti Doping Agency
Whitman's Sampler Godiva Assortment
You've Gotta Have Heart Robert Altman
Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got love in my tummy American obesity rate: 34%

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
Alan Ginsberg Leonard Cohen
All The Things You Are The Networked Self
American Woman
Tracy Kennedy
Amos and Andy Bad Boys
Andrew Carnegie Bill Gates
Ann-Margret Beyoncé
Annette & Frankie Angelina & Brad
Archie Bunker Homer Simpson
Arthur Godfrey Howard Stern
Carmen Miranda Dame Edna
Chaim Weitzman Chaim Witz
Cisco Kid El Mariachi
Conrad Birdie Conrad Black
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Johnny Deep
Dr Spock Oprah Winfrey
Duke of Earl Paul Lo Duca
Edgar Bergen Ronnie Burkett
Exactly Like You Clone Like You
George Burns Alanas Morrissette
George Peppard George Clooney
Goliath Mel Gibson
Goodbye Norma Jean Goodbye England's Rose
Tina August
Hermione Gingold Hermione Granger
Holden Caulfield Bart Simpson
Issac Asimov David X. Cohen
Issac Asimov Will Smith
Jane Austen Carrie Bradshaw
John Lennon Juan Main
Wenhong Chen
Jolly Green Giant Shrek
Beloit College
Judy Merril Emily Pohl-Weary
Katy Jurado Eva Mendes
Kind of Blue Na'vi
La Vida es Sueno Inception
Ladies and Gentlemen Guys
Ladies and Gentlemen You Guys
Lena Horne Halle Berry
Lenny Bruce Howard Stern
Little Orphan Annie Zahara Marley Jolie Pitt
Lorne Greene Edward James Olmos
Mamie Van Doren Anna Nicole Smith
Martin Arrowsmith Peter Norton
Marvelous Marv Throneberry Ryan Church
Mary Tyler Moore Sara Jessica Parker
Meyer R. Schkolnick Robert K. Merton
Mr. Hulot Mr. Bean
Mrs Wallace Simpson Mrs Jessica Simpson
My Boy Bill Warren Buffett / Bill Gates
Nature Boy Gaia
Newcomer N00b
Night of the Leaving Dead 28 Weeks Later
Nobody Loves You When You are Down and Out Conrad Black
Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady Trans-Woman
Owen Wilson Charlie White
Pancho Ron Weasley
People Who Need People Orkut
Irving Farkle
Peter Pan Abduwali Abdukhadir Muse
Pick Myself Up, Wipe Myself Off, and Start All Over Again Game Reset
Purple People Eater Barney
Queen for a Day Survivor
R. Daneel Olivaw Caprica 6
R.U.R Cylons
Remembrance of Times Past Somebody I Used to Know
Richard Simmons Marci Figuer
Robert C. Merton (Nobel Prize) Robert C. Merton (stock market crash)
Robert K. Merton Robert C. Merton
Rock Hudson Vin Diesel
Sam Levenson Jackie Mason
Stanley Milgram Duncan Watts
The Great White North The Trailer Park Boys
Toller Cranston Johnny Weir
Tom, Dick and Harry Juan, Chen and Mohammad
Twerp Tweep
Will Rogers Garrison Keilor
Willie Mays Barry Bonds
Yitzhak Rabin Ariel Sharon
You're Simply the Best Tiger Woods
You've Got a Friend You're On My Buddy List
Zero Mostel Nathan Lane

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
Babushka Hijab
Baggies Camel toes
Baseball Cap Bald Cap
Bathing Suit Swim Suit
Bell Bottoms Etro Shirt / Seven for All Mankind Jeans
Lindsay Cai
Bikini Tankini
Sonya Farkle
Billowing Shower Curtains Curved Shower Rods
Roger Cohen
Birkenstocks Havaianas
Bloomers Panties
Blue Suede Shoes Blue Ultra Suede Shoes
Blue Velvet Ultrasuede
Brassiere Bra
Briefcase Messenger Bag
Briefcase Knapsack
Brooks Brothers Suit Brioni Suit
Chanel Chador
Chinese Hand Laundry Washing Machine Made in China
Cigarette in Your Hand Starbucks Cup in Your Hand
Les Howard
Cocoon Sleep Mask, Blow-Up Pillow
Converse All-Stars Nike+iPod
Devil with the Blue Dress On Tween Wearing Leggings Barred from United Airlines
Ear Muffs Headphones
Ear Muffs Toque
Eyeglasses Eyewear
Fedora Hoodie
Fedora Baseball Cap
Fiberglass Pole Vault Poles Impermeable Swim Suits
Filene's Basement Escada Outlet Store
Flowers in Your Hair Jewels in Your Navel
Julie Amoroso
Funny Face The Devil Wears Prada
G-String Tapasexo
Galoshes Teva
Girdle Control Hose
Girdle Spanx
Handbag Purse
Hermes Hijab
Knapsack Backpack
Lacoste Tommy Hilfinger
Lacoste Lulu Lemon
Lipstick on Your Collar Tide To Go
Lollypops Thongs
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag Hermes Birkin
Paper shopping bags > Plastic shopping bags Plastic bags > Non-woven "permanent" shopping bags
Ray-Bans Oakleys
Shirt Pocket Protector Mobile Phone Holster
Short Shorts
Six-shooter Mobile phone
Slide Rule Holster BlackBerry Case
Slip Camisole
Sneakers Runners
Judith Cutaia
Stetson Ball Cap
Stockings and Garter Belt Pantyhose
Sonya Farkle
String of Pearls String Theory
Sweatpants Dri-fit
Tank Tops for Men Wifebeaters
Teeny Weeny Polka Dot Bikini Burqa
The Devil with the Blue Dress The Devil Wears Prada
The Man in the Iron Mask CPAP Machine
Tie Dyes Tattoos
Tie-clip Tie-less
Tiffany Swarovski
Toilet Water Watered-down Perfume
Tommy the Pinball Machine Wizard Tommy Hilfinger
Top Hat The Devil Wears Prada
Top Hat and Tails Toque and Hoodie
Venus in Blue Jeans Linda Evangelista
What Are You Wearing Tonight? Day Wear, Evening Wear, Skype Wear, ChatRoulette Costume
White Shirt, Tie & Jacket T-Shirt with an Ad
Wind Watch Change Watch Battery
Yul Brynner Howie Mandel

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Work, Commerce and Play

Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
Incandescent Bulb Halogen Light
16 Tons 16 Gigabytes
Lloyd Levine
5-Cent Store Dollarama
A Bushel and a Peck 44.05 Liters
A Chorus Line American Idol
A+ 4.2 GPA
Ada Lovelace Bill Joy
Advanced Micro Devices AMD
All-Nighter All-Dayer
Julia Chae
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better Bill, Larry and Steve
Assignment is Late Computer Crashed
Atlas Shrugged Greenspan Chuckled
Avon Calling
Beloit College
Baubles, Bangles and Beads Schwag
Beauty Parlor Spa
Ben Johnson Justin Gatlin
Black Friday Cyber Monday
Blackbeard's Treasure Chest Bernie Madoff's Billions
Board Games RTS
Boxing UFC
Boys of Summer Ice Cube of Winter / World Series
Jay Marnotte
Busboy Busser
Button, Button, Who's Got the Button Content, Content, Who's Got the Content
Jim Witte
Classified Ads Craigslist
Coal Miner's Daughter Microserfs
Corbis iSource
Crimson Pirate Pirates of the Caribbean
Cubicle Telework
Depression of 1929 Depression of 2009
Derrick Crane
Diplomacy World of Warcraft
Distinguished Professor Extinguished Professor
Stanley Lieberson
Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow Stimulus Package
Dow Jones Bloomberg
Dow Jones Industrials Standard & Poors 500
Everybody Loves Saturday Night It's a Good Time to Get Catch-Up Work Done
Ken Anderson
Family Farm Cubicle Farm
Faust NFL Running Back
Fine Print OAC
Fortune Teller Neural Network
Fred Harvey Company Xanterra
Friedmanite Economics Behavioral Economics
Gee, Officer Krupke NY Times Scholarship Fund Winners
General Motors Cisco
God Observational Cosmology
Grain silos Corporate silos
Hall-Dennis Report Active Learning
handicraft SKU
Help Line Operator Live Support Chat
Vidar Falkenberg
How Many Angels Fit on the Head of a Pin? 30,000,000 Transistors Fit on the Head of a Pin
How Much is That Doggie in the Window? Froogle
I Walk the Line It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp
I'll be working my way back to you, babe WWOOF
I've Been Working on the Railroad I've Been Assembling Lenovo Thinkpads
Ian Hampton
If I were a Carpenter If I were an XBox Designer
International Business Machines IBM
Jack and Jill Tort Lawyer
Japan as Economic Threat to the West China/India as Economic Threat to the West
Junk Bonds Sub-Prime Mortgages
Keynes => Friedman Friedman => Keynes
Le Pavillion French Laundry
Leader of the Pack Leader of the Hackers
Jason Nolan
Leif Ericson Larus Weldig
Loan Sharks Subprime Loan Banks
Looking Out for Number One Conrad Black
Mah Jong Yu-Gi-Oh
Mechanical Engineer Software Engineer
Men of Texaco: We Pump the Pump Self-Service at ChevronTexaco
Migrant Labor Outsourcing
Miller Analogy Test Cyber Times
Milton Berle's Joke File The Aristocrats
Monopoly Crowdsourcing
My Attorney Bernie My Techie Sandra
National City Bank Citigroup
Never on Sunday 24/7
Oliver Twist Slumdog Millionaire
Paul Bunyan Softwood Lumber Dispute
Pawn Shop eBay
Pawn Shops Craigslist
Brett Borders
Pay It Forward Dump Risk Forward
Pinball Machine XBox
Pitching a Tent Pitching a Movie
Plastics Nanotubes
Popular Mechanics
Christy Canida
Purgatory Fitness Club
Radio Corporation of America RCA
Receptionist Call Center
Reinsurance Credit Default Swaps
Remittance Man Trustafarian
Salesman Salesperson
School MOOC
Scrabble Scrabulous
Seven and a Half Cents Offshoring
Shopaholic The Compact
Sisyphus Shoveling snow in Toronto
Sisyphus Nautilus
Six Sigma All the Children are Above Average
Skating Blading
Social Worker Coach
Steam Shovel Power Shovel
Steamboat Willie Windows Bill
Surfing Flowriding
Take a Letter, Maria Relationship = Single
Take My Out to the Ball Game YES Streaming Video
Texaco Boys Trailer Park Boys
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz The Apprentice
The Banks are Made of Marble The ATMs Have Touch Screens
The Banks are Made of Marble The ATMs are Made of Steel
The Banks are Made of Marble The Banks are Unmade of Subprime Mortgages
The Best Things in Life are Free Open Source
The Check is in the Mail The Czech is in the Mall
The Great Pretender Bernie Madoff
The Great Pretender
The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit Mad Men
The Organization Man Flexwork
The Organization Man The Matrix
The Organization Man Networked Individualism
The Price is Right eBay
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Theres No Business Like Show Business Podcasts
This Land is Your Land This Bank is Your Bank
Traveling Salesman Road Warrior
Traveller'es Checks Bank Machines
Travellers Checks Visa payWave
Trucking Logistics
Two Cents Plain $1.29 Perrier
Two Years Before the Mast IPO; Payment in Vapor Shares
Vacation Not Checking Email Text for an Hour
Waitress Server
Western Union M-Pesa
Whatever Lola Wants Whatever Oprah Wants
Woodpile > Coal Truck > Oil Truck Natural Gas Pipeline
Working 9 to 5 Teleworking 24/7
Yenta Mentor

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
Blue Rondo a la Turk Kurdistan
Charlie Chan Deng Xiao Ping
Dansk Design Danish Cartoons
Errand into the Maze Debugging
Iraqi Oil Fields Albertan Oil Sands
Japan China
Madras Chennai
Saigon 1973 Baghdad 2007
The Dam Busters Star Wars Episode 4 (blowing up the Death Star)
The Dirty Dozen Inglourious Basterds
The Duke of Earl The Sheikh of Kuwait
The End of History Darfur, Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, ...
The Good Earth Pudong
The Halls of Montezuma Maquiladoras
Tijuana Brass Tijuana Grass

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
120,000 Horses in New York City: 1908 Claremont Riding Academy Closed: 2007
Abalone Imitation Crab
And God Created Woman Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals
Bambi Shrek
Bo Diddley Bo Obama
Born in the USA Cloned in a Test Tube
Butterball Turkey Black Spanish Turkey
Canary in a Coal Mine Die-Off of Bees
Cats by Andrew Lloyd Weber Aibo by Sony
Cheetah Oscar Pistorius
Curb Your Dog Stoop and Scoop
Dinosaurs Polar Bears
Dobermann Pit Bull
How Much Is That Doggie in the Window
How Much is That Doggie in the Window Puppy Mills
Krazy Kat Lolcat
Mickey Mouse Logitech Mouse
Mickey Mouse Remi Ratatouille
Rockin Robin Angry Birds
Some Animals are More Equal than Others On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Dog
George Orwell / Peter Steiner
The Birds Snakes on a Plane
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Africam
The Three Chipmunks Dolly the Clone
Where the Wild Goose Are Flying Fly Away Home
Worm Runners' Digest IgNobel Awards

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
Current Contents ScienceDirect
El Dorado IPO
Girl from Ipanema Orkut
Hey Schoolgirl in the Second Row Facebook
Sonya Farkle
I Can See Clearly Now 1280 x 1084
Intuition Spidey Sense
Librarian Informationist
Library Card Catalog
Beloit College
Long distance information, get me Memphis Tennessee
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places Googling
New York Times Best Seller list Top 10 Searches
Scott Golder
Searchin' Trolling Friendster
Spade & Archer Brin & Page
The Green Door I'm Feeling Lucky
The Searchers The Google Stalkers
These Eyes Eye Tap
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
360K floppy disk 8 GB USB key
640 Kilobytes is Enough 500 Gigabyte Hard Disk
7090 Alienware
Accentuate the Positive Ctrl-B Ctrl-I
Acoustic Coupler RJ 45 Connector
Adding Machine Excel
Ain't That a Shame Ain't That a Flame
Jason Nolan
All or nothing at all Binary logic
Angel Avatar
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Google and Yahoo
Application App
Application App
Back-Up Zyzzyva
Ramakrishna Kotla
Big Board ETrade
Bits and pieces Bits and bytes
Bits and Pieces Zip Drive
Both Sides Now Apple Computer with Mac OS X and Windows XP
By the Rocket's Red Glare By the Computer's Blue Screen
Byzantine Empire Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Ramakrishna Kotla
Circuitboard Motherboard
Clouds in My Coffee Clouds Filled with Data
Tracy Kennedy
Colossus Google
Computer Center Data Center
Corned Beef Hash Hash Function
Dial M for Murder Enter for Bug Report
Directory Folder
DOS: Disk Operating System DOS: Denial of Service
Dream Lover Dreamweaver
Encyclopedia Britannica Wikipedia
Esperanto Middleware
FAP Assembler
Fingerpainting Touch Pad
Fortran Visual Basic
Garage Sale eBay
Googol Google
Hand-Me-Down Hand-Me-Up
Sinye Tang
Head in the Clouds Data in the Clouds
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle heisenberg bug
Help Me If You Can RTFM
Hotel California Facebook
Valdis Krebs
I Can't Get Started With You Abort, Retry, Fail
I Hear You Knocking, But You Can't Come In Spam Filter
IBM Card PC Card
If I Only Had a Brain If I Only Had a Terrabyte Server
Keypunching Data Entry
Linus Linux
Long Day's Journey Into the Night Bit Torrent
Lost and found 404 not found
Lotus 1-2-3 Excel
Meat Inspector Spam Filter
Message in a Bottle DVD Burner
Modem Router
Nancy White
Moments to Remember
My Way My Yahoo!
PL1 Java
Print-Out Printer
R. Daneel Olivaw Google Android
Release 1.0 Release 2.0
Rembrandt's 100 Guilder Etching Engraved Laptop Cover
Reverse Polish Notation Wolfram Mathematica
Rolodex Access
Seat Belt Norton Anti-Virus
Slide Rule Start > Program > Accessories > Calculator
Small Talk (the jazz song) Smalltalk (the program)
Sweet, Sweet Memories are Made of This Brewster Kahle, The Wayback Machine
Tape Drive USB Key
The Agony and the Ecstasy The Da Vinci Code
The Little Cloud That Cried The Cloud Computer Server That Crashed
The Night Time is the Right Time To IM Across the Pacific
This Little Light of Mine LED
Thomas J. Watson Jr Bill Gates
Ticker-Tape Parade #1 on
To Be or Not To Be Mac OS
Touch Tone Touch Screen
Twelve Hour Turnaround 10 MB/second
Vistavision Vista
We've Only Just Begun We've Only Just Released the Alpha Version
What Do the Simple Folk Do? What Do the Chattering Classes Natter?
What'd I Say? Ctrl-Z
Word Perfect MS Word
Zip [filename].zip

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
All You Need is Love FBI File on John Lennon
Another Brick in the Wall Another Record in the Homeland Security Database
Bar Codes RFID
Being and Nothingness Virtual Reality
CCTV Sousveillance
Collyer Brothers Gordon Bell
Do Not Bend, Fold, Spindle or Mutilate RFID Jammer
Do You Want to Know a Secret Canadian Security Establishment
Don't Fence Me In No Parental Filters
Every Breath You Take Every Word You Type
Jason Nolan
Gentlemen Do Not Read Each Other's Mail National Security Agency
Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You Jennicam
Great Wall of China Great Firewall of China
Grounded GPS Electronic Bracelet
House Unamerican Activities Committee Department of Homeland Security
I Have a Little List NSA
I wonder, A-where she will stay-ay, My little runaway
ID Bracelet URL
Mike Hammer Austin Powers
Mod Squad Geek Squad
Moments to Remember Archived Emails are Subpoena-able under Sarbanes-Oxley
More Than You Know Choice Point and i2
Pen-Register Call Detail Register
Whitfield Diffie, Susan Landau
Red Squad Islamic Terrorism Section
Sam Spade Guy Noir
Secret Recordings by Linda Tripp Secret Recordings by NSA
Someone to Watch Over Me Michael Hayden
Surveillance Sousveillance
Take Cover Drills Airport Security Theater
The Conversation Anthony Pellicano
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes CCTV
The Puppet Masters Whole Body Scanners
These Eyes VBlog
Too Close for Comfort Personal Space
U-2 Global Hawk
WW2 Internment Camps for Japanese Americans Guantanomo Prison

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
2 Game Wardens, 7 Hunters, & a Cow Harry Whittington
Ain't Misbehaving Safe Filtering On
Angus MacGyver Col. Jack O'Neill
Arsenic & Old Lace Polonium & Sushi
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Bad, Bad Bobby (or Chris) Brown
Bonfire of the Vanities The Fabulous Fab Tourre
Bonnie & Clyde Ken & Jeffrey
Bootlegger Rum Crystal Meth
Caged / Eleanor Parker Hardtime Heiress / Paris Hilton
Liam Lacey
Chain Gang Block Chain
Cutting Phone Wire Removing Cell Phone Battery
Death Wish The Brave One
Deep Cover The Departed
Deep in the Heart of Texas Enron
Disturbing the Peace Griefer
Dragnet CSI
Dragnet CCTV
Dunking Stool for Witches Waterboarding
Fishing Phishing
Folsom Prison Blues Guantanamo Prison Cages
Frankie Lyman Eminem
Godzilla Mozilla
Hitman Hired F2F Hitman Hired via Craigslist
Chang Lin
House Arrest Penthouse Arrest
CJRT Radio
I Shot the Sheriff I Bombed the Pentagon
I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent They're Gonna Send Me to Rehab
I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent Child Soldier in Uganda
I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent Kiddie Script Hacker
Jack the Ripper Robert Pickton
Jack the Ripper Plastification
Jailbreak from Alcatraz Jailbreak iPhone
Jaws: The Movie Jaws: The Software
Kitty Genovese Joyce Vincent
Kojak Law and Order
Lying Photoshop
MacGyver Grissom
Moonshine Still Marijuana Grow-Op
Paul "Wrecking" Crewe O.J. Simpson
Phone Phreaks Hackers
Brett Borders
Plagiarize: Let No One's Work Evade Your Eyes
Pretty Boy Floyd Kevin Mitnick
Round Up the Usual Suspects Warrantless Search
Sam Cooke Notorious B.I.G.
Secret Agent Man Valerie Plame
Sherlock Holmes Gil Grissom
Smuggling Goods Smuggling Data
Some Will Rob You With a Pen Kenneth Lay & Jeffrey Skilling
Spanish Prisoner Nigerian Letter
Star Chamber Guantanamo
That;s the Sound of a Man Working on the Chain Gang Martha Stewart Working at Home with Electronic Bracelets
The Bad Seed Melissa Todovic
The Banks are Made of Marble ATM
The Crimson Pirate Pirates of the Caribbean
The Fugitive EverQuest
The Godfather The Network Hub
The Great Imposter: Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr. Miriam Abacha
The Lone Ranger Blade
The Magnificent Seven El Mariachi
Thief in the Night Essay Writing Services
Tonya Harding Todd Bertuzzi
Touch of Evil No Country for Old Men
Wanted Poster
Washington Sniper Craigslist Killer
Chang Lin

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
Audrey Hepburn Bob Geldorf
Great Balls of Fire Brennan Mulwray
Hook and Ladder Truck HazMat Truck
I Put a Spell on You Zombie Computer
Ice-9 H5N1 Avian Flu
In the year 2525 Global Frying
Interview with a Vampire The Walking Dead
Rachel Carson Al Gore
Silent Spring Global Warming
Suddenly Last Summer 2012
T-Zone Throat Cancer
The Long Hot Summer Global Warming
The Plague Happy99.exe
Walking to New Orleans FEMA

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
"I am not a crook!" Richard Nixon "I am not a quitter!" Sarah Palin
1960 Presidential Vote Count in Illinois, Texas 2000 Presidential Vote Count in Florida
6 Days War 2nd Intifada
9/11 3/20
A Story Untold Iraqi WMD
Activism Hacktivism
All Thy Sons Command All Thy Guys Command
Apocalypse Now Rendition
Ballot Box Stuffer Electronic Voting Hacker
Barry Goldwater John McCain
Battle of New Orleans Hurricane Katrina of New Orleans
Biculturalism Multiculturalism
Billy Graham Dalai Lama
Blacks in the Military Gays in the Military
Beloit College
Blue Meanies Abu Ghraib Prison Guards
Bull Conner Ratko Mladic
Bull Connor Lt Pike
Casablanca Fallujah
Cesar Chavez Hugo Chavez
Citizen Netizen
Civil Rights Immigrant Rights
Conan the Barbarian Arnie the Green Governator
Conan the Destroyer Conan O'Brien
Confederacy of Dunces Preparation for, and Response to, Hurricane Katrina
Conservation More Oil Drilling
Crazy and Dim-witted A Few Fries Short of a Happy Meal
Dana Carvey Stephen Colbert
Daniel Ellsberg Julian Assange
Domino Theory Cancer Spreading from Afghanistan to Pakistan
Dr Strangelove Non-Proliferation Review Conference
Draft Dodgers Volunteer Army
Dunkin Doniuts Dunking Cheney
Eleanor Roosevelt Al Gore
Family Values Senator Larry Craig
Fear of Communism Fear of Jihadism
First Amendment Patriot Act
Free, White and Twenty-One Free OK; Racist and Ageist
G7 G8
Geopolitics Genopolitics
Give Peace a Chance Crusade Against Terrorism
Give Peace a Chance Democrats Back Down on Iraqi Withdrawal Plan
Grassroots Netroots
Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere East Asian Community
Heroes of Telemark Max Manus
Hessians Blackwater
Horthy Milosevic
I Am Not a Crook We Do Not Torture
I.F. Stone Seymour Hirsch
ICBM Missile Gap WMD
Jackie Robinson Tiger Woods
Japanese Kamikaze Iraqi Suicide Bomber
Jessie Ventura Arnold Schwarzenegger
JFK Barack Obama
Joan Baez Sarah McLaughlin
John Mitchell Alberto Gonzalez
Kent State Toronto G20
King Lear Ralph Klein
Know Nothing Party Tea Party Movement
La Lucha Continua
Lady Macbeth Lady Vaako
LBJ Tony Blair
Lee Harvey Oswald Osama Bin-Laden
Let the Sunshine In Kyoto Accord
Let's Twist Again Mitt Romney
Letterman - Leno Leno - O'Brien
Little Tin Box Brian Mulroney's Safe
Lolita Project P
Loudspeakers Sonic Cannons
Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go to War in Iraq
Make Believe You're Brave and the Trick Will Take You Far George W. Bush, "Mission Accomplished"
Malcolm X Barack Obama
Melian Debate Iraqi Policy
Metropolis The Matrix
Ming the Merciless Saddam Hussein
Mort Sahl John Stewart
Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington The West Wing
My Boyfriend's Back Was Broken in Iraq
Newfoundland Seal Hunt Taliban SEAL hunt
Sonya Farkle
Ngo Dinh Diem Hamid Karzai
Peter Finch Tom Cruise
Philip Nolan Zacharas Moussaoui
Ping Pong New York Philharmonic
Pinocchio Ferenc Gyurcsany
Pres. Harry Truman - Gen.Douglas MacArthur Pres. Barack Obama - Gen. Stanley McChrysta
Rasputin Dick Cheney
Robert McNamara Donald Rumsfeld
Saul Alinsky Acorn
Sergeant York Enemy at the Gates
Shboom WMD
Deirdre Bair
Sherman Adams Karl Rove
Shoe Bomber Underpants Bomber
Shores of Tripoli Somali Pirates
Sit-In Meet-Up/Move-On
Spirit of the Beehive Pan's Labyrinth
Stonewall Gay marriage
Strategic Bombing Surgical Bombing
Sympathy for the Devil Intelligent (Creationist) Design
Syracuse Expedition Iraqi Invasion
Take Cover Homeland Security
Teddy Roosevelt John McCain
The Day of the Jackal Osama Bin-Laden
The Little Red Book It is Glorious to be Rich
The Machine Stops Killer Virus
The Man in the Iron Mask Extraordinary Rendition
The Man Who Got Away Osama Bin-Laden
The Man Who Knew Too Much Alexander Litvinenko
The Man Without a Country Omar Khadr
The President's Analyst Karl Rove
The Puppet Masters Goa'uld
The Running Man Hunger Games
The Secret Agent 24
The Weathermen V is for Vengeance
They're Rioting in Africa There's Strife in Iraq
Thief of Baghdad Bechtel
Irving Farkle
This is the End Made in Vietnam
Tommy Douglas Kiefer Sutherland
Tonkin Gulf Strait of Hormuz
Torture Enhanced interrogation measures
Vietnam War World of Warcraft
War Hero Leaders Draft Avoider Leaders
Watergate Robocalls
Watts Clichy-sous-Bois
We Are the World Paul Wolfowitz
We Gotta Get Out of This Place Baghdad 2007
We Will Bury You We Will Destroy the Crusader West
Werner von Braun Donald Rumsfeld
What Me Worry? Mission Accomplished
William Hogarth Art Spiegelman
William Westmoreland Stanley McChrystal
WMD God's Will
Zero Population Growth Two Thousand Watt Society

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Before the Internet Cyber Times
Sent By
Keep Hope Alive Yes, We Can
Over the Rainbow Information Will Be Free
Over the Rainbow Help Desks Will Help
Over the Rainbow Spam, Scams and Viruses Will Disappear
Over the Rainbow Computers Won't Drop
Over the Rainbow Connections Won't Crash
Over the Rainbow Movies Will Download in a Second
Over the Rainbow Software and Songs Will Be Free
Over the Rainbow Computers Will Boot Instantly
The Light at the End of the Tunnel The Download is Almost Done
Mike Welsh

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