Heritage Language Variation and Change in Toronto
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Toronto Language Tapestry

Toronto Language Tapestry: Exploring Heritage Languages

Photo taken at Sinate Creations, 532 College St., Toronto.

Woodsworth College, Room 126, 119 St. George Street   #LgCan150

Friday, April 28, 2017, 12pm-5pm    PHOTOS


12pm Light lunch and Exhibits
Canadian Language Museum Exhibit, French in Canada
Displays on language maintenance and attitudes
  • Italian’s global linguistic space: The case of Ontario
    Dr. Barbara Turchetta, Università per Stranieri di Perugia & Dr. Margherita Di Salvo, Università Federico II, Napoli
  • The success of Chinese maintenance in Toronto
    Lily Chenyun Qiu & Frank Mingyang Li, University of Toronto
  • Language Maintenance: Toronto vs. Montreal
    Hamid Mohamed & Anni You, University of Toronto
  • Asian Language Maintenance in Toronto
    Michelle Xiao Lu & Tommy Jiabin He, University of Toronto
  • Heritage Language students in the classroom, Doing Research
  • Interactive Heritage Language Speaker Map of Toronto
1:00 Welcome & Introduction
Dr. Naomi Nagy, University of Toronto
1:05 Schwa in Ontario French
Dr. Darcie Blainey, University of Toronto & Dr. François Poiré, Western University
1:30 The Bilingual Experience of Spanish Heritage Children in the Nation's Capital
Dr. Joanne Markle LaMontagne, University of Toronto
2:00 Perception of Cantonese Tone
Rachel Soo & Dr. Phil Monahan, University of Toronto
2:30 Coffee and Tea Break
3:00 Heritage Language Variation and Change in Toronto Student Showcase
  • Production of Cantonese Tone, Samuel Lo & Katherine Sung
  • Cantonese Consonants, Ziwen Tracy Tan
  • Polish Case and Code-switching, Paulina Łyskawa
  • 4:00Discussion with Audience, Reception to follow

    For more information, please email: lingdept at chass dot utoronto dot ca. Twitter: #LgCan150

    This event is the second of a 3-part series featuring languages spoken in and around Toronto, sponsored by the Department of Linguistics, the University of Toronto Canada’s Sesquicentennial Initiatives Fund, and the Canadian Linguistic Association. See this nice article in The Varsity about it: http://thevarsity.ca/2017/04/25/from-toronto-to-tronna/

    Thanks to Katharina Pabst, Savannah Meslin, Darcie Blainey, Frederick Gietz, Robert Prazeres, Elaine Gold and Diane Massam for organizational assistance.

    Updated May 1, 2017
    Photo by Andrew Burr, courtesy of April Vokey.