Heritage Language Variation and Change in Toronto
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Toronto Language Tapestry

Toronto Language Tapestry: Exploring Heritage Languages

Woodsworth College, Room 126, 119 St. George Street   #LgCan150

Friday, April 28, 2017, 12pm-5pm


Welcome to All!
Lots to discuss
Rachel and Phil get started
Rapt audience
Rachel grows up bilingual
Phil grows up monolingual
Phil and graphs
Tracy explains VOT
Joanne shows stats
Richard and Pélagie listen
Paulina justifies HLVC method
Darcie and Paulina listen
Coffee break! (Brea, Savannah, Robert, Katharina, Shayna, Emily B)
Jeff & Joanne

For information, please see Workshop homepage or email: lingdept at chass dot utoronto dot ca. Twitter: #LgCan150

This event is the second of a 3-part series featuring languages spoken in and around Toronto, sponsored by the Department of Linguistics, the University of Toronto Canada’s Sesquicentennial Initiatives Fund, and the Canadian Linguistic Association. See this nice article in The Varsity about it: http://thevarsity.ca/2017/04/25/from-toronto-to-tronna/

Thanks to Katharina Pabst, Savannah Meslin, Darcie Blainey, Frederick Gietz, Robert Prazeres, Elaine Gold and Diane Massam for organizational assistance.

Updated May 1, 2017
Photo by Andrew Burr, courtesy of April Vokey.