Heritage Language Variation and Change in Toronto
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Principal Investigator: Naomi Nagy [email: naomi dot nagy at utoronto dot ca]


Understanding variation in bilingual communities has been the driving force throughout my career, beginning with a dissertation on contact-induced language change in Faeto, a small village in Italy where Faetar and Italian are spoken, and analysis of the repertoires of bilingual Montreal Anglophones. For both, I have produced quantitative and theoretically-informed descriptions of variation at several levels of language (Blondeau & Nagy 2008, Blondeau et al. 2003, Nagy 1994, 1995, 2001, 2011, Nagy et al. 2003, Heap & Nagy 1998, Nagy et al. 1996, Nagy & Reynolds 1997, Sankoff et al. 1997).





Yoon-jung Kang, University of Toronto [email: yoonjung dot kang at utoronto dot ca]

Alexei Kochetov, University of Toronto [email: al dot kochetov at utoronto dot ca]

James Walker, York University [email: jamesw at yorku dot ca]