McLuhan Studies : Issue 3

Intro to Issue 3

The Legacy of McLuhan:
Symposium Program


Friday, March 27th, 1998
McNally Auditorium, Fordham Law School
140 West 62nd Street
Lincoln Center Campus, New York City

8:30 AM Coffee and Danish
9:00 AM *Welcome and Opening Remarks*

Lance Strate, Symposium Coordinator
Robert Grimes, S.J., Dean, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Robin Andersen, Chair, Department of Communication & Media Studies
Joseph A. 0'Hare, S.J., President, Fordham College

9:30 AM *McLuhan's Thought and Thoughts About McLuhan*
Moderator: John M. Phelan, Fordham University

"Media Transcendence" ˇ Lance Strate, Fordham University
"Fragments of Marshall McLuhan: The Paradoxical Legacy" ˇ Liss Jeffrey, University of Toronto "The Extended Mind: Understanding Language and Thought in Terms of Complexity and Chaos Theory" ˇ Robert Logan, University of Toronto

10:45 AM *Public and Private Minds*
Moderator: Edward Wachtel, Fordham University
" Way Cool Text through Light Hot Wires: The Fate of Hot and Cool in the Digital Age" ˇ Paul Levinson, Connected Education, Inc.
" The Global Village Versus Tribal Man" ˇ Susan B. Barnes, Fordham University " Technology, Self, and the Moral Project" ˇ Kenneth Gergen, Swarthmore College

11:45 AM *The Media on McLuhan*
Moderator: Joseph Dembo, Fordham University

" Marshall McLuhan: From Literary Critic to Media Critic" ˇ Philip Marchand, Toronto Star " Marshall McLuhan: Intellectual Waterbug" ˇ John Leo, U.S. News and World Report " McLuhan in the Digital Age: Where Are You Now That We Need You?" ˇ Neil Hickey, Columbia Journalism Review
" Hold the 21st Century! I'm Not Ready!" ˇ Michael J. O'Neill

1:00 PM Lunch

2:30 PM *Communication and Media Studies*
Moderator: Gwenyth Jackaway, Fordham University

" Marshall McLuhan Meets Communication 101: McLuhan as Exile" ˇ Gary Gumpert, Queens College
" Having Her Say: Tracking the Influence of The Mechanical Bride" ˇ Robin Andersen, Fordham University
" Why Print is Cool, and Oral is Body Temperature." ˇ Ray Gozzi, Jr., Ithaca College
" From Tribal to Global: A Brief History of Civilization from a McLuhanesque Perspective" ˇ Joshua Meyrowitz, University of New Hampshire

3:45 PM *Legal Studies*
Moderator: James A. Capo, Fordham University

" Too Hot Not to Cool Down: Copyright and the Usurious Artisan" ˇ Neil Kleinman, University of Baltimore
" An Ear for an Eye? Technology and Metaphor in American Law" ˇ Bernard Hibbitts, University of Pittsburgh
" Can Law and Lawyers Survive in the 'Age of Paratroopers'" ˇ Ethan Katsh, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
" Turning the Machine OffˇViolence in a Technological Society " ˇ Stephanie Gibson, University of Baltimore

5:00 PM *McLuhan in the Digital Age*
Moderator: Susan B. Barnes, Fordham University

" Heart of Whiteness: Marshall McLuhan's Wired Tribalism" ˇ Mark Dery
" A Political Economy of the Global Village" ˇ Jesse Hirsh, University of Toronto "Remediation: Understanding New Media" ˇ Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin, Georgia Institute of Technology

6:00 PM Reception

Saturday, March 28th, 1998
Pope Auditorium, Lowenstein Hall
113 West 60th Street
Lincoln Center Campus, New York City

8:30 AM Coffee and Danish
8:45 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks

Lance Strate, Symposium Coordinator
Video Interview: John CulkinˇEva Stadler, Fordham University

9:30 AM *Humanities*
Moderator: Eva Stadler, Fordham University

" McLuhan s Shakespeare - Shakespeare as McLuhan" ˇ David Linton, Marymount Manhattan College
" Integral Awareness: Marshall McLuhan as a Man of Letters" ˇ Elena Lamberti, Universita di Bologna
" Why World History Needs McLuhan" ˇ James M. Curtis, University of Missouri-Columbia
" Understanding McLuhan in Theological Space" ˇ Robert Lewis Shayon, University of Pennsylvania

10:45 AM *Critical Theory and Postmodernism*
Moderator: Anahid Kassabian, Fordham University

" Retrieving McLuhan for Cultural Studies and Postmodernism" ˇ Paul Grosswiler, University of Maine
" The Hypertext Heuristic: McLuhan Probes Tested" ˇ Michel Moos
" Analogue and Digital Authors" ˇ Mark Poster, University of California, Irvine
" HE DIDN'T DO IT: Some Cautions on the Current McLuhan Revival" ˇ Frederick Wasser, Tufts University, and Harris Breslow, York University

12:00 PM *McLuhan Reconsidered*
Moderator: Marsha Clowers, Fordham University

" Beyond McLuhanism: McLuhan and the Digital Age" ˇ Donald Theall, Trent University
" The Net: The People are the Message" ˇ Richard Barbrook, University of Westminster
" Six Questions about Media" ˇ Neil Postman, New York University

1:00 PM Lunch

2:30 PM *Mosaic*
Moderator: Ron Jacobson, Fordham University

" McLuhan and Holeopathic Quadrophrenia: The Mouse-that-Roared Syndrome" ˇ Bob Dobbs
" The Invention of Lasagna Made the Pullman Car Obsolete: Or How I Got Marshall McLuhan's Message" ˇ Marvin Kitman, Newsday
" Children of the Mechanical Bride: Additional Abstractions of Human Stereotypes" ˇ Barbara Jo Lewis, Brooklyn College
" It's Alive: The Media Virus" ˇ Douglas Rushkoff

3:45 PM *Art and Media*
Moderator: Norman Cowie, Fordham University

" The Interface between Writing and Art" ˇ Denise Schmandt-Besserat, University of Texas-Austin
" McLuhan and Art History" ˇ Frank Gillette, School of the Visual Arts
" McLuhan and Earthscore" ˇ Paul Ryan, New School for Social Research

4:45 PM *Perception*
Moderator: Michael V. Tueth, S.J., Fordham University

" A (W)Rap Around an Emperor with (K)No(w) Close" ˇ Gerald O'Grady, Harvard University
" Sensus Communis: McLuhan s Theory of Perception in Historical Context" ˇ Judith Stamps, University of Victoria
" Did Picasso and DaVinci, Newton and Einstein, the Bushman and the Englishman See the Same Thing When They Faced The East at Dawn? Or, Some Lessons I Learned From Marshall McLuhan about Perception, Time, Space and the Order of the World" ˇ Edward Wachtel, Fordham University
" Virtuality and McLuhan's World As Art Form: Fragments from a Lost Tape" ˇ Frank Zingrone, York University

6:00 PM Reception

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