McLuhan Studies : Issue 3

Intro to Issue 2

Understanding Media:
The Extensions of Man

Table of Contents

Introduction to the MIT Press Edition (Lewis H. Lapham)

Part I


  1. The Medium I the Message
  2. Media Hot and Cold
  3. Reversal of the Overheated Medium
  4. The Gadget Lover: Narcissus as Narcosis
  5. Hybrid Energy: Les Liaisons Dangereuses
  6. Media as Translators
  7. Challenge and Collapse: The Nemesis of Creativity


Part II

  1. The Spoken Word: Flower of Evil?
  2. The Written Word: An Eye for an Ear
  3. Roads and Paper Routes
  4. Number: Profile of the Crowd
  5. Clothing: Our Extended Skin
  6. Housing: New Look and Outlook
  7. Money: The Poor Manís Credit Card
  8. Clocks: The Scent of Time
  9. The Print: How to Dig It
  10. Comics: MAD Vestibule to TV
  11. The Printed Word: Architect of Nationalism
  12. Wheel, Bicycle, and Airplane
  13. The Photograph: The Brothel-Without-Walls
  14. Press: Government by Newsleak
  15. Motorcar: The Mechanical Bride
  16. Ads: Keeping Upset with the Joneses
  17. Games: The Extensions of Man
  18. Telegraph: The Social Hormone
  19. The Typewriter: Into the Age of the Iron Whim
  20. The Telephone: Sounding Brass or Tinkling Symbol?
  21. The Phonograph: The Toy That Shrank the National Chest
  22. Movies: The Reel World
  23. Radio: The Tribal Drum
  24. Television: The Timid Giant
  25. Weapons: War of the Icons
  26. Automation: Learning a Living

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