McLuhan Studies : Issue 3

Intro to Issue 2
Essential McLuhan

Table of Contents

Part I
Culture as Business
  1. American Advertising
  2. The Mechanical Bride
The Mechanical Bride
From Da Vinci to Holmes
  1. Culture Is Our Business [excerpts]
  2. Joyce, Mallarmé and the Press
  3. Letter to Harold Adams Innis
  4. Postures and Impostures of Managers Past

Part II
Print and the Electric Revolution
  1. Media and Cultural Change
  2. The Gutenberg Galaxy
The Gutenberg Galaxy
  1. Understanding Media
The Medium is the Message
Media Hot and Cold
Reversal of the Overheated medium
Hybrid energy: Les Liaisons Dangereuses
  1. Is It Natural That One Medium Should Appropriate and Exploit Another?
  2. Explorations
Sherlock Holmes vs. The Bureaucrat
Milton Had His Daughters, I Have My Dictaphone

Part III
Oral McLuhan
  1. Address at Vision '65
  2. Playboy Interview: "Marshall McLluhan : A Candid Conversation With The High Priest of Popcult and Metaphysician of Media "
  3. A McLuhan Sourcebook: Key Quotations from the Writings of Marshall McLuhan
  4. Explorations
The Media Fit The Battle Of Jericho
Culture Without Literacy
Cicero and the Renaissance Training for Prince and Poet

Part IV
Culture and Art: Figures and Grounds
  1. From Cliché to Archetype
Public Archetype as Cliché
  1. The Emperor's New Clothes
  2. Pro-Log to Exploration
  3. Laws of Media: The New Science
Culture and Communication: The Two Hemispheres
Laws of Media

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