___Linguistic Fieldwork Preparation: a guide for field linguists is meant to be a comprehensive web-resource for the benefit of the linguistic community at large, from those who teach courses in field methods, endangered languages, and language revitalization, to those who do or wish to conduct field research. Thus, if you have any additions or comments, we invite you to contact us.

The materials found within this site are briefly described below:

•  Course Syllabi: Get a feel for the content and structure of the field
methods courses as well as courses on endangered languages and language
revitalization offered at various universities and institutes.

•  Funding: Looking for money to conduct research? You'll find leads here.

•  Ethics: Readings on the role of linguists in field work and how they should conduct themselves and their research.

•  Linguistic & Anthropological Readings: Benefit from the experience of other fieldworkers. This section contains links and references to books, journal articles, and other sources of field work knowledge, from memoirs to elicitation guides.

•  Technology: Learn what kind of recording equipment to use in the field and how to ensure the longevity of data collected. Find links to software and fonts of use in the field.

•  Printable Bibliography: A PDF of all the books and journal articles mentioned in this website.


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