Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science & Technology

Imago is an on-line database of images in the history of science and technology designed primarily for undergraduate teaching, but also as a research source for scholars in the field.

Images are catalogued within hierarchical categories and are cross-indexed under multiple headings, as appropriate. You can search by these category headings or through a full-text search to locate individual keywords associated with individual images.

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Notice to modem users: All images are thumbnaled at 80x80 pixels, but most of the full images are approximately 750x500 pixels. Each individual record, therefore, contains an image file of 200KB or more which may take considerable time to download, depending upon your connection speed.

Imago is sponsored by IHPST at the University of Toronto
IHPST also sponsors UTMUSI, an on-line database
of scientific instruments at the University of Toronto