FASL 15  
Special Thanks

Our sponsors

We are grateful for the generous financial support of the following sponsors:

Our volunteers

FASL-15 could not have happened without the time and energy of our volunteers. A big thank you to:

Michael Barrie
Sandhya Chari
Sarah Clarke
Benjamin Flight
Chiara Frigeni
Amanda Greber
Catherine Macdonald
Vladislav Malik
Ulyana Savchenko
Vanessa Shokeir
Tanya Slavin
Webmaster - Richard Compton

Our reviewers

Many reviewers contributed their time and expertise to the abstract selection process. We thank:

John Alderete, Maria Babyonshev, John Frederick Bailyn, Christina Bethin, Željko Bošković, Wayles Browne, Barbara Citko, Elizabeth Cowper, Katherine Crosswhite, Katarzyna Dziwirek, Hana Filip, Stephanie Harves, Tania Ionin, Darya Kavitskaya, Alexei Kochetov, Ora Matushansky, Asya Pereltsvaig, Maria Polinsky, Gilbert Rappaport, Milan Rezac, Keren Rice, Catherine Rudin, Irina Sekerina, Sergei Tatevosov, Edwin Williams.


THANK YOU to the members of F-Zero whose musical contribution helped make the Saturday reception so special:

Sarah Clarke, Elizabeth Cowper, Daniel Currie Hall, B. Elan Dresher, Manami Hirayama, Rebekah Ingram, Bridget Jankowski, Christina Kramer, Michael Szamosi. Ruth Szamosi.

Session chairs

Gabriela Alboiu, Olga Arnaudova, Maria Babyonyshev, Michael Barrie, John Frederick Bailyn, Elizabeth Cowper, Hana Filip, Stephanie Harves, Diane Massam, Keren Rice, Catherine Rudin.

Thank you for keeping the sessions running smoothly!


Thank you also to Keren Rice, Bill Forrest and Mary Hsu for their support and advice during the preparation of the conference.

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