From Pearson Airport


Taxis: A taxi ride from the airport to downtown costs about $40.
Public transit: ($2.75) Take Bus #192 (called the Airport Rocket) from Pearson Airport to Kipling subway station (this is the last stop). Then take the subway going to St. George station which is close to the hotels/on campus. All trains leaving from Kipling go to St. George station. In all, it should take no more than an hour and 15 minutes.

Directions From Airport

From Union Station

Train Station

From Union (Train) Station (VIA Rail, Amtrak, Go Trains, etc.), find the underground Union Subway Station. The easiest way to do this is ask someone "where is the subway?". The fare is $2.75. Take the subway to St. George station (towards Downsview).

Directions from Union Station


From the Bus Station

Bus Station

From the Toronto Bus Terminal (Greyhound) walk to St. Patrick station (which is at the corner of Dundas St. W and University Ave.). Take the subway two stops north to St. George station (towards Downview). The fare is $2.75.

Depending on how much luggage you have, it's also possible to walk to campus from the Bus Terminal. It's a 15-20 minute walk to the Department of Linguistics.

Directions from Bus Terminal


By road

Road Directions

The best way to get precise driving directions to Toronto and campus is to use Google Maps. Click on the link below and then (in the window that appears) click on the "To here" link and enter your point of origin's address. Google Maps will give you precise road directions and approximate travel time from almost anywhere in North America. Enter the address like this: 35 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL.

There is paid parking on and around campus. Parking meters usually accept both coins and credit cards. If you're parking for a full day it might be cheaper to use a parking garage: http://www.greenp.com/tpa/index.jsp

Important Places

This map indicates the following places that are relevant to the conference:

A. Department of Linguistics (Robarts Libary, 6th floor)

B. Woodsworth College (where the sessions are taking place)

C. Victoria College (Old Vic) where the reception is taking place.

D. "St. George" Subway Station

E. "Museum" Subway Station


Important Spots
Directions from Hotels to Woodsworth College

From: Toronto Holiday Inn Midtown

To: Woodsworth College

Walking time:
5 minutes

Holiday Inn Midtown

From: Howard Johnson Yorkville

To: Woodsworth College

Walking Time:
15 minutes

Howard Johnson Yorkville

From: Planet Traveler's Hostel

To: Woodsworth College

Walking Time:
20-25 minutes

If you really don't feel like walking, it's also possible to catch a streetcar heading north on Spadina to Spadina Subway Station. From there, take the subway one station east to St. George station, exit, and walk south (towards the CN tower). The fare is $2.75.

Planet Traveler's Hostel

Download Campus map:

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Connect to Onlne Map:

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Link to Google Maps:

Department of Linguistics

Using this you can get detailed directions between campus and almost anywhere in Canada and the U.S.


Click here to download a PDF map (140Kb) of downtown Toronto, inluding major subway lines, streetcar lines, and bus routes. Also included are many downtown tourist attractions.

A legend at the bottom of the map explains the various public transit routes.

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