Directory of Languages and Linguistics at U of T

Metso, Sarianna

Phone: 416-946-3243,; 905-828-3771
Fax: 416-978-3305,; 905-569-4412
Department: Jewish Studies/Near & Middle Eastern Civs./History (UTM)
Status: Faculty
Courses taught:
(St. George:)
NMC 280F The Bible
NMC 150H Introductory Biblical Hebrew
NMC 1306S Scribes, Manuscripts, and Translations of the Hebrew Bible
NML 353S Jewish Apocalyptic Literature
NML 458F Advanced Readings in the Dead Sea Scrolls
(UTM 2009-10:)
RLG 313S The Literature of Ancient Israel
RLG 430F Advanced Topics in Judaism: The Dead Sea Scrolls
Research interests: Hebrew Bible; Dead Sea Scrolls and manuscripts; Second Temple Judaism and history.
Languages: Hebrew, Biblical, Dead Sea Scrolls
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