Directory of Languages and Linguistics at U of T

Martin, Philippe

Phone: 416-926-1300x3279
Department: French/Experimental Phonetics Lab
Status: Faculty
Courses taught:
Emeritus (2009)
FRE 376F French Phonology and Phonetics
FRE 387S French Morphology
FRE 1121 Prosody, phonetics, and phonology
FRE 1156 Experimental Phonetics
FSL 161Y Practical French
FSL 277Y French Pronunciation
FSL 383S Language Practice III: Oral French
FSL 483S Language Practice IV: Oral French
Research interests: Intonation and syntax (Spanish, German, Netherland); phonostylistics; speech synthesis and recognition systems; experimental phonetics; prosodic systems (French, English/French contrast); print-to-speech recognition of Italian tonic accent.
Languages: French; Italian; English
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