Directory of Languages and Linguistics at U of T

Lancashire, Ian

Phone: 416-978-8279
Fax: 416-978-0554
Department: English/Center for Mediaeval Studies
Status: Faculty
Courses taught:
English 201Y Reading Poetry
English 237H Science Fiction and Fantasy
English 258Y Literature and Science
English 367Y History of the English Language
English 405F Studies in an Individual Author, Pre-1800 (Shakespeare's later Works)
English 440Y Studies in Renaissance Literature and Language
English 2530Y Shakespeare's Language
English 6900Y Cybertext
English 6920Y Old and New Stylistics
English 9001H Bibliography II (Old and Middle English and Renaissance)
English 9002H Bibliography II (Renaissance)
Research interests: Computational text analysis in English literature; cognitive stylistics (cognitive psychology as applied to stylistics) and computer application; Renaissance bilingual and English dictionaries; early bilingual English to French/Italian/Latin/Spanish dictionaries; bibliography and editing; early English drama; Shakespeare; Chaucer.
Languages: English; English, Early Modern
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