Directory of Languages and Linguistics at U of T

Labrie, Normand

Phone: 416-978-8440
Fax: 416-926-4770
Department: OISE: Curriculum Teaching and Learning, CREFO
Status: Faculty
Courses taught:
CTL 3007H Seminar on Language and Communication/Seminare sur le language et la communication
CTL 3011H Bilinguisme et éducation
CTL 3018H Language Planning and Policy/Politique et Aménagement Linguistique
CTL 3023H Le français canadien d’un point de vue sociolinguistique et éducatif/Sociolinguistique du français canadien
CTL 3799H Special Topic Course: Séminaire d'études "minorités francophones"
Research interests: Sociolinguistics; psycholinguistics; language planning and language policy; language minorities; bilingualism; multilingualism; linguistic pluralism in Canada (French-speaking communities) and in Europe; discourse analysis; literacy development. ; (Currently Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies)
Languages: French; Franco-Ontarian
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