Directory of Languages and Linguistics at U of T

Kramer, Christina

Phone: 416-926-1300 ext. 3221
Fax: 416-926-2076
Department: Slavic Languages & Literatures
Status: Faculty
Courses taught:
SLA 109Y Elementary Macedonian
SLA 209Y Intermediate Macedonian
SLA 220Y Intermediate Russian
SLA 380S Language, Politics, Identity
SLA 1103H Comparative South Slavic Linguistics
SLA 1106Y Proseminar in Slavic Linguistics
SLA 1112H Tense, Aspect and Mood in Slavic
SLA 1150H Russian since the Revolution
SLA 1161H Introduction to Areal Linguistics: The Balkan Sprachbund
SLA 452Y/1105Y Structure of Russian
Research interests: Russian and Balkan (synchronic) linguistics, esp. Macedonian, Bulgarian and Albanian; grammatical categories (verbal); sociolinguistic issues; issues in discourse and pragmatics; grammar of Standard Macedonian; grammaticalization of the future tense in Balkan languages; lingustic anthropology; heritage speakers; language and politics.; (Currently Chair of Slavic Languages and Linguistics)
Languages: Macedonian; Bulgarian; Serbian/Croatian; Russian; Albanian; Turkish
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