Directory of Languages and Linguistics at U of T

Villeneuve, Anne-José

Email: annejose [dot] villeneuve [at] utoronto [dot] ca
Department: French
Status: Faculty
Courses taught:
- FRE 272: The Structure of Modern French - FRE 274: Introduction to the Linguistic Analysis of French - FRE 376: French Phonology and Phonetics - FRE 379: Sociolinguistics of French - FRE 383: Quantitative and Experimental Approaches to the Study of French - FRE 1103: Séminaire de linguistique I - Phonétique et phonologie
Research interests: Sociolinguistics, language variation and change; language contact; French varieties spoken in Northern France and North America; Picardy French; phonemic dialect features; language and gender; language and ethnicity
Languages: French; Haitian Creole
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