Directory of Languages and Linguistics at U of T

Emmrich, Christoph

Phone: 416.317.2662
Fax: 416.978.1610
Department: Buddhist Studies, Dept. of Historical Studies (UTM)/Department for the Study of Religion
Status: Faculty
Courses taught:
RLG312H5, “Method and Theory in the History of Religions: Buddhist Studies” RLG377H1F, “Theravāda Literature” RLG373H5S, “Buddhist Practices and Institutions: Nepal” RLG206H5, “Introduction to Buddhism” RLG391H5, “Introductory Sanskrit II” RLG3448H, “History of Sanskrit Buddhist Tantric Literature” RLG463H1F/NEW433H1F, “Causation and Time in Buddhist Scholastic Debate” RLGRLG467H/RLG3415H “Theravāda Practice” RLG1501H “Buddhist Middle Indic Philology” RLG3710H / RLG462H1S “Newar Religion”
Research interests: South Asian languages, Indology, Indoeuropean linguistics; Buddhism, Jainism; ritual, gender, children, mimesis, affect, education, consecration, marriage, historiography, travel and literary transfer, religious poetry and song, philosophy of time, causation; the Newars in 17th-21st cent. Nepal, the Tamil Jains of 16th-21st cent. South India, the Mons of Burma (Myanmar)
Languages: Sanskrit; Pali; Prakrits (Sauraseni, Ardhamagadhi, Maharastri); Apabhramsa; Nepali (Modern); Newar (Classical and Modern); Burmese (Modern), Tibetan (Classical); English, German, Italian, French, Polish (all Modern), Latin, Greek (Classical)
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