Directory of Languages and Linguistics at U of T

Pirvulescu, Mihaela

Phone: 905-828-3776
Fax: 905-828-5202
Department: French (UTM)
Status: Faculty
Courses taught:
FRE 272S Structure du français moderne
FRE 325F First language acquisition of French
FRE 335F Teaching and learning with new technologies
FRE 355F La psycholinguistique
FRE 378S French syntax
FRE 387F French Morphology
FRE 1125S Séminaire de linguistique III: morphologie et sémantique (graduate)
FRE 1133S First language acquisition of French (graduate)
FSL 306F Functional French VI
LIN 200F Introduction to Language
Research interests: First language acquisition; theoretical linguistics; bilingualism (Francophone); early second language acquisition (syntax and morphology); the syntax-morphology interface: verbal agreement paradigms; integration of novel technology in teaching FSL.
Languages: French
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