Figure 6: Eare/eares in Hamlet Q2
Hamlet (Q2): 1.1.36    againe assaile your >eares, | That are so fortified
Hamlet (Q2): 1.2.173  Nor shall you doe my >eare that violence | To make
Hamlet (Q2): 1.2.197      | With an attent >eare till I may deliuer |
Hamlet (Q2): 1.3.32  | If with too credent >eare you list his songs | Or
Hamlet (Q2): 1.3.71   | Giue euery man thy >eare, but fewe thy voyce, |
Hamlet (Q2): 1.5.26       must not be | To >eares of flesh and blood,
Hamlet (Q2): 1.5.41       me, so the whole >eare of Denmarke | Is by a
Hamlet (Q2): 1.5.67   in the porches of my >eares did poure | The leaprous
Hamlet (Q2): 2.2.131   | All giuen to mine >eare. | {King.} But how hath
Hamlet (Q2): 2.2.310    you #to, at each | >eare a hearer, | that great
Hamlet (Q2): 2.2.389    prisoner {Pirrhus} >eare, for loe his sword |
Hamlet (Q2): 2.2.467   cleaue the generall >eare with horrid speech, |
Hamlet (Q2): 2.2.470           of eyes and >eares; yet I, | A dull and
Hamlet (Q2): 3.1.186   please you ) in the >eare | Of all their
Hamlet (Q2): 3.2.8     rags, to spleet the >eares of the ground- | lings,
Hamlet (Q2): 3.2.120       in the sleepers >eares, | and leaues him: the
Hamlet (Q2): 3.4.70        like a mildewed >eare, | Blasting his wholsome
Hamlet (Q2): 3.4.85       without sight, | >Eares without hands, or eyes,
Hamlet (Q2): 3.4.104   daggers enter in my >eares, | No more sweete
Hamlet (Q2): 4.2.19   sleepes in a foolish >eare. | {Ros.} My Lord, you
Hamlet (Q2): 4.5.80  buzzers to infect his >eare | With pestilent speeches
Hamlet (Q2): 4.5.84       to arraigne | In >eare and eare: o my deare
Hamlet (Q2): 4.5.84          | In eare and >eare: o my deare {Gertrard},
Hamlet (Q2): 4.6.20     to speake in thine >eare will make thee dumbe, yet
Hamlet (Q2): 4.7.3      and with a knowing >eare, | That he which hath
Hamlet (Q2): 5.2.350  come too late, | The >eares are sencelesse that