CHWP B.11 Siemens, "Lexicographical Method in Cawdrey"


Robert Cawdrey's Table Alphabeticall is often seen as the first English monolingual dictionary and has been traditionally viewed as an amalgam of previously existing word lists, glosses, didactic works, and bilingual dictionaries. There are elements within Cawdrey's work, however, which are unique unto him, and the foremost of these is found in that part of the Table which reflects the process by which he assembled his entries: the style of his definitions. This paper, which represents work in progress, seeks to explore Cawdrey's compilation process and, ultimately, to define the predominant syntactic structures which govern Cawdrey's work.


La Table Alphabeticall de Robert Cawdrey est souvent considérée comme le premier dictionnaire monolingue anglais et traditionnellement tenue pour un amalgame de vocabulaires, gloses, ouvrages didactiques et dictionnaires bilingues existants. Sont pourtant particuliers à l'ouvrage de Cawdrey certains éléments dont le principal reflète le processus de compilation des articles: le style des définitions. Cette communication, qui représente des travaux en cours, cherche à explorer ce processus afin de permettre une définition des structures syntaxiques majeures présidant à l'oeuvre de Cawdrey.

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