Rockwell & Bradley, "Eye-ConTact"


Tact is after all a kind of mind reading. (Sarah Orne Jewett)

Eye-ConTact is both a design philosophy and a crude environment cobbled together out of modified existing tools like TACT and some new tools like the Eye-ConTact Framework program. This last program is a prototype designed to test the interface paradigm proposed here where the user maps out experiments with texts. A modular design encourages one to cobble together such prototypes in the hopes of being able to create more robust modules later. We hope the reader will not condemn the design because the prototype is flawed. In our defense, we believe that the best way to test a design philosophy is to build prototypes that can be tried by scholars on real projects. The project has already revealed some interesting issues regarding the design, which we will note here by way of conclusion:

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We would like to acknowledge the following people and organizations:
The BTACT module reuses TACT code originally written by John Bradley and Lidio Presutti.

The McMaster Arts Research Board provided financial and programming support for this project.

The Eye-ConTact Framework program is being created in Visual Basic by Patricia Monger, Visualization Specialist, McMaster University.

The TG graphics module was programmed by Mark Janoska.

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