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Paradigm Lost? Electronic Publishing and the Renewal of Research [*]

Pascal Michelucci & Peter Marteinson

University of Toronto
Editors, AS/SA [**]

pascal.michelucci@utoronto.ca |||| pmartein@chass.utoronto.ca

CHWP A.12, publ. April 1998. © Editors of CHWP 1998. [Jointly published with TEXT Technology, 8.1 (1998), Wright State University.]

[Abstract / Résumé]

AS/SA, editing, publishing, electronic journal, semiotics; AS/SA, éditer, publier, revue électronique, sémiotique

[*] A question posed in homage to Edgar Morin, a great scholar of the means of distribution of culture, whose book entitled Le paradigme perdu: la nature humaine underlines the importance of the challenges faced today by academia.

[**] Applied Semiotics / Sémiotique appliquée (AS/SA) is an on-line refereed periodical devoted to promoting research in semiotics.