CHWP B.15 Merrilees, "Medieval Dictionary Entry"

2. Basic entry types in Papias

In sum an entry in Papias could have five parts, or fields, L PL D PD M, but in this analysis I have set aside the marginal position because its use is not consistent nor statistically significant in the manuscripts I have examined. However it is important in terms of the history of dictionary making to remark on its presence. In all there are five possible entry combinations:

  1. L D (lemma + definition) 50.0%;
  2. L PL (lemma + post-lemmatic metalinguistic information with no definition) 5%;
  3. L PL D (lemma + post-lemmatic information + definition) 19%;
  4. L D PD (lemma + definition + post-definitional information) 19%.
  5. L PL D PD (lemma + post-lemmatic information + definition + post-definitional material) 7%.[3] (See Figure 1.)

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[3] Error: ± 1%.