Figure 3: Representation of names
Name or expression       Translation              Representation

Achilles                 Achilles                 =Achilles

Peliades                 son of Peleus            =Achilles=Peliades

Achilles Peliades        Achilles, son of Peleus  =Achilles_Peliades

[with ref. to Achilles]
ego, mihi, me            I, of/for me, me         =Achilles=ego
mihi genitor             my father                =Achilles=ego-genitor/Peleus/
meus genitor infelix     my unhappy father        =Achilles=ego-genitor/Peleus/_infelix

tu, tibi, te             you, for you, you        =Achilles=tu
arma tua                 your weapons             =Achilles=tu-arma

ille                     that one (male)          =Achilles=ille
iste                     that one (male)          =Achilles=iste

Achilles ab Haemonio     Achilles from Haemonia   =Achilles_ab_Haemonio
                             (Thessaly)           <loc Thessaly>

Thermodontiaca           the Thermodontian        =Pentheselea=Thermodontiaca
                             (i.e. one from       =Amazon=Pentheselea=Thermodontiaca
                             Cappadocia)          <loc Cappadocia>

Graiae raptor maritae    the one who seized       =Paris=raptor_Graiae_maritae/Helen/
                         the Greek wife           =Menelaus=Graius-marita

clipei dominus           Ajax, lord of the        =Ajax_clipei_dominus_septemplicis
     septemplicis Aiax   sevenfold shield

Symaethius heros         the Symaethian hero      =Acis=Symaethius_heros
                                                  <loc Symaethus, Sicily>

ut vires adsumeret       so that Acis might       =Acis-vires_avitae/Symaethus/
     Acis avitas         resume his ancestral     =Symaethus=avus/Acis/-vires

signum fatale Minervae   the fateful statue of    =Palladium=signum_fatale_Minervae
                         Minerva                  =Minerva-signum_fatale/Palladium/

rapta cum Pallade        taken with stolen        =Minerva=Pallas-Palladium
     captus              Pallas                   =Palladium=Pallas

Phoebus                  Phoebus                  =Apollo=Phoebus