Figure 8: Part of Tagged Sample Page from Cotgrave's Dictionary

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<alpha> V R I </alpha> <ornament type=border>
<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrayement. </hl> <m> Truely, in truth, in sooth, indeed, verily,
<line.break> certainly, surely, iustly, rightly, vnfainedly, in good
<line.break> faith. </m>
<line.break> <phr no="1"> C'est vrayement bien dict à toy. </phr> <m> Thou hast hit the
<line.break> naile on the head; thou hast now strucken it dead; (Iro&shy;
<line.break> nically.) </m>
<line.break> <phr no="2"> Ouy vrayement. </phr> <m> Yea sure, true Roger, wisely bro&shy;
<line.break> ther Timothie; (Ironically; yet is it vsed sometimes o&shy;
<line.break> therwise; </m> {as in)} <q> Ouy vrayement ie le nie; </q> <t> Yea tru&shy;
<line.break> ly, or, for my part, I denie it vtterly. </t>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vraysemblable: </hl> <pos> com. </pos> <m> Probable, likelie, like or seeming
<line.break> to be true. </m>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vraysemblance: </hl> <g> f. </g> <m> Probablenesse, or likenesse of truth. </m>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrbain: </hl> <g> m. </g> <m> Vrban; a proper name for a man. </m>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrbanie: </hl> <g> f. </g> {as} <x t=z> Vrbanité. </x>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrbanité: </hl> <g> f. </g> <m> Vrbanitie, ciuilitie, courtesie, affabilitie,
<line.break> gentlenesse; good behauiour, seemelie carriage, a hand&shy;
<line.break> some fashion, a comelie grace, a prettie and pleasant
<line.break> manner of ordinarie discourse. </m>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrbec: </hl> <g> m. </g> <m> The Vine-fretter, or Diuells Gold-ring; a
<line.break> worme. </m>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrderis. </hl> {as} <x t=z> Verdegris. </x>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vre: </hl> <g> m. </g> <m> The huge-bodied, hulch-backed, short-horned,
<line.break> and red-eyed wild Oxe, called the Vre-oxe. </m>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vreder. </hl> <m> To runne hastily. </m>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrelepingue: </hl> <g> m. </g> <m> A drinke-spiller: </m> &par; <et> Rab. </et>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vreniller. </hl> <m> To pisse, or void vrine: </m> &par; <et> Rab. </et>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrge. </hl> {in stead of} <x t=z> Vrne: </x> &par; <et> Rab. </et>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrgent: </hl> <g> m. </g> <i> ente: </i> <g> f. </g> <m> Vrgent, vrging; hard or sore pres&shy;
<line.break> sing, straining, forcing, importunate, earnest. </m>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrille: </hl> <g> f. </g> <m> A Gimlet, or Piercer. </m>

<line.break> <hl no="1"> Vrilles: </hl> <g> f. </g> <m> Hooke-like edges, or ends of leaues (called by
<line.break> some of our workemen Scrolls, and) sticking out in the
<line.break> vpper parts of pillers, and of other peeces of Architec&shy;
<line.break> ture. </m>