CHWP B.7 Kibbee, "16th-Century Bilingual Dictionaries (French-English)"

1.3.2. Word families

Another organizational principle receives no explicit attention from the lexicographers studied here, and that is the listing of related words under a single headword. This is very important in the Estienne tradition, less so here in the English tradition. Related forms, such as deadjectival verbs, or deverbal adjectives and nouns, generally get their own individual listing, as here in Hollyband 1593:

Baret recognizes these related words by indenting them and preceding them with an asterisk, a practice that sometimes reveals the Latin source for his dictionary. The words listed as 'related' are sometimes related morphologically in Latin, but only semantically in English, as we see in this example:

However, in other cases, these words are related only in English:

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