Figure 8: KWIC display, 'love' and 'death'
[Now called Variable Context display.]
    Romeo & Juliet (Q2): 1.Prol..9
      {Whose misaduentur'd pittious ouerthrowes},
      {Doth with their death burie their Parents strife}.
      {The fearfull passage of their death-markt loue},
      {And the continuance of their Parents rage}:
      {Which but their childrens end nought could remoue}:
    Romeo & Juliet (Q2): 2.2.80
      #And but thou loue me, let them finde me here,
      My life were better ended by their hate,
      Then death proroged wanting of thy loue.
      {Iu}. By whose direction foundst thou out this place?
      {Ro}. By loue that first did prompt me to enquire,
    Romeo & Juliet (Q2): 2.6.7
      That one short minute giues me in her sight:
      Do thou but close our hands with holy words,
      Then loue-deuouring death do what he dare,
      It is inough I may but call her mine.
      {Fri}. These violent delights haue violent endes,