Figure 4: Index display
[Now called KWIC display.]
lou'd (3)
1.1.203       so neare, when I supposde you >lou'd. | {Ro}. A right good
2.1.15      so true, | When King {Cophetua} >lou'd the begger mayd. | He
3.4.3   moue our daughter, | Looke you, she >lou'd her kinsman {Tybalt}
loue (137)
1.Prol..9      passage of their death-markt >loue}, | {And the continuance
1.1.160     makes the[m] short. | {Ben}. In >loue. | {Rom}. Out. | {Ben}.
1.1.162     loue. | {Rom}. Out. | {Ben}. Of >loue. | {Rom.}Out of her
1.1.164     I am in love. | {Ben.}Alas that >loue so gentle in his view, |
1.1.166     in proofe. | {Romeo}. Alas that >loue, whose view is muffled
1.1.170      to do with hate, but more with >loue: | Why then o brawling
1.1.171    with loue: | Why then o brawling >loue, o louing hate, | O any
1.1.177      that is not what it is. | This >loue feele I, that feele no