Figure 3: KWIC display
[Now called Variable Context display.]
    lou'd (3)
      A word #ill vrgd to one that is so #ill:
      In sadnesse Cozin, I do loue a woman.
      {Ben}. I aymde so neare, when I supposde you lou'd.
      {Ro}. A right good mark man, and shees faire I loue.
      {Ben}. A right faire marke faire Coze is soonest hit.
    -------------------------- Romeo & Juliet (Q2): 1.1.203
      Young {Abraham}: {Cupid} he that shot so true,
      When King {Cophetua} lou'd the begger mayd.
      He heareth not, he stirreth not, he moueth not,
      The Ape is dead, and I must coniure him.
    --------------------------- Romeo & Juliet (Q2): 2.1.15
      {Ca}. Things haue falne out sir so vnluckily,
      That we haue had no time to moue our daughter,
      Looke you, she lou'd her kinsman {Tybalt} dearely
      And so did I. Well we were borne to die.
      Tis very late, sheele not come downe to night:
    ---------------------------- Romeo & Juliet (Q2): 3.4.3