Figure 2: Text display
    {Rom}. Tut I haue lost my selfe, I am not here,
    This is not {Romeo}, hees some other where.
    {Ben}. Tell me in sadnesse, who is that you loue?
    {Ro}. What shall I grone and tell thee?
    {Ben}. Grone, why no: but sadly tell me who?
    {Ro}. A sicke man in sadnesse makes his #will:
    A word #ill vrgd to one that is so #ill:
    In sadnesse Cozin, I do loue a woman.
    {Ben}. I aymde so neare, when I supposde you lou'd.
    {Ro}. A right good mark man, and shees faire I loue.
    {Ben}. A right faire marke faire Coze is soonest hit.
    {Romeo}. Well in that hit you misse, sheel not be hit
    With {Cupids} arrow, she hath {Dians} wit:
    And in strong proofe of chastitie well armd,
    From loues weak childish bow she liues vncharmd.
    Shee will not stay the siege of louing tearmes,
    Nor bide th' #incounter of assailing eies.