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Working Papers from the First and Second Canadian Symposium on Text Analysis Research (CaSTA)

Barbara Bond editor, with the collaboration of Michael Best, Peter Liddell, Daniel Poulin, and Ray Siemens

University of Victoria, University of Montreal


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CHWP August 2005. © Editors of CHWP 2005. Jointly published with TEXT Technology (forthcoming), McMaster University.

This collection of papers is derived from the Inaugural Canadian Symposium on Text Analysis Research  (CaSTA 2002), hosted by Daniel Poulin at l'Université de Montréal, Faculté de droit, and the Second Canadian Symposium on Text Analysis Research (CaSTA 2003), hosted by Peter Liddell and Michael Best at the University of Victoria's Humanities Computing and Media Centre.  The pieces contained in the volume mark key discussions and presentations associated with the first two gatherings of the intentional community associated with the institutional network assembled for the Text Analysis Portal for Research (TAPoR), based at McMaster University and bringing together the leading Humanities Computing centres in Canada, including the University of Victoria (in collaboration with Malaspina University-College), the University of Alberta, the University of Toronto, l'Université de Montréal, and the University of New Brunswick.  Touching on issues associated with digitization and the representation and analysis of text, metadata issues for humanities texts, the use of humanities digital resources, the needs of the humanities community, cross-disciplinary use of texts, and well beyond, these papers are indicative of the work in which the TAPoR community is engaged -- in areas of inquiry ranging from medieval paleography, Shakespeare Studies, the work of Robert Graves, and representations of marriage in early modern France; to text mining, analytical strategy and mark-up language, and principles of electronic scholarly editions; to language acquisition in infants, and linguistic corpora; and beyond, as listed below.

Further work of this group can be found in publications associated with the Mind Technologies gathering of May 2002 (in Siemens and Moorman, eds.) and the proceedings of the most recent gathering of the CaSTA group in November 2004 at McMaster University's Face of Text conference (Rockwell, ed.).

Those involved in the conferences would like to thank the local hosts, the program committees for each gathering, and the referees for the working papers gathered in this collection -- especially among them Karin Armstrong, Michael Best, Alan Burk, Terry Butler, Scott Gerrity, Ian Lancashire, Greg Newton, Geoffrey Rockwell, Stéfan Sinclair, Elaine Toms, and William Winder.

Ray Siemens, for the Editors

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