CHWP A.25 McCarty, "Depth, Markup and Modelling"

Figure 10: A series of categories for person-making

  1. Subliminal entities, ontologically suspect but not personified
  2. e.g. the mulberry tree addressed by Thisbe

    ------------- Current threshold --------------------------

  3. Personification figures
  4. e.g. fortuna
  5. Personification characters
    1. anthropomorphic, extended over many lines but clearly unrealistic, artificial or stereotyped
    2. e.g. Envy (Invidia)
    3. fully realized anthropomorph but close to sub-human origins
    4. e.g. Inachus
  6. Fictional character whose origins as a personification are out of sight or obscured
  7. e.g. Cupid (cupido)