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Search for full words or partial words (e.g., Herod or shipwr). Capital and lower case letters are treated equally. Accented characters are significant in the pre-1992 and collections material, but will be treated as un-accented in searches of journal articles: e.g., é and è will be converted to 'e' for article searches.

'.' can be used to mean 'any one character': e.g., v.rgil. More than one term can be specified, separated by spaces (e.g., JFA 22.1)

Journal abbreviations conform to l'Année Philologique (listed in inform.html).

To include pre-1992 material at the end of your search, check the checkbox after your search term. This material (long runs of some journals: AC, JHS, JRS, etc, parts of others) is archived at Louvain: for a more complete description of the contents, see the Louvain tocs-in. To include articles from books which are collections of articles, check the "collections" checkbox.

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