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About TOCS-IN | data organization | new articles | journals covered | texts and abstracts

For faster European access, a mirror site for TOCS-IN has been set up at the Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium as part of Bibliotheca Classica Selecta, thanks to the équipe informatique facultaire there.

TOCS-IN is an entirely volunteer project, started in 1992 on the original idea of R. Morstein-Marx (Santa Barbara, California), and currently managed by PMW Matheson (Toronto, Ontario) and Jacques Poucet (Louvain, Belgium). It makes available -- for searching, browsing, or downloading -- the tables of contents of over 150 journals of interest to classicists. The main information file, inform.toc, gives:

There are now over 70 volunteers from 14 countries who supply TOCS-IN with the tables of contents in the archive; these are listed in contrib.toc. Volunteers are needed for all journals marked * in inform.toc.

Organization of the data files

The data files are both WWW-searchable and available by ftp, formatted with SGML-style codes. The journals are divided by subject into Classics [cla], Archaeology [arch], Religion and Near Eastern Studies [rlne], and Miscellaneous [misc]; the directories they are stored in are named by the year (e.g., cla92, arch93, rlne94, misc95, etc.), and the journals are grouped in files within these directories (cla92-3, arch93-6, rlne94-1, etc.) more or less alphabetically. The files can all be retrieved by ftp.

Further instructions for reading and/or downloading any or all of the files by ftp, gopher, or WWW browser can be found in retrieve.toc.

Note: ftp access is currently unavailable (October 1999).

New articles

New articles are added as they come in to the file new.toc, with a copy formatted for the Web in new.html. Every 3 or 4 months, a general update of the data files takes place: the articles in new.toc are distributed into the appropriate subject+year files, after which new.toc is renamed to old.toc, and another new.toc is started.

In the WWW search results screen, the new material is searched last, and appears at the end of the list.

Journals covered

To browse through the tables of contents of any of these journals, search for the journal name, or for the name, vol, and issue number (e.g. >AHB<@9.1). To check the list of holdings (journal names and issues present in the archive), and the abbreviations used, see inform.toc.

Note that electronic journals are not indexed by TOCS-IN: for a description of these, and where to find them, see Bibliotheca Classica Selecta, a compendious bibliography of classical studies maintained by Jacques Poucet in Belgium.

Texts and abstracts on-line

Some journals are now making full texts or pre-prints or abstracts of their articles available on the internet. Links to these (about 1 in 100 of the articles in TOCS-IN) are given in the WWW search results. If you know of any articles covered in TOCS-IN which are available on-line, and for which no link is given in TOCS-IN, please let us know.

The University of Virginia maintains some of the TOCS-IN files in library bibliography format. Currently, the WAIS-indexing of the UVa data appears to not to be working.

Jacques Poucet                 Philippa MW Matheson    
           e-mail to TOCS-IN (Philippa Matheson)

tocsin (OED 2nd ed.): A signal, esp. an alarm-signal, sounded by ringing a bell or bells ...

1586: Fulke Answ. to P. Frarine 52. The priests then went vp into the steeple, and rang the bells backward, which they call Tocksaine, whereupon the people of the suburbs flocked togither. ...

1877: Mrs. Oliphant Makers Flor. Introd. 12. The tocsins of immemorial strife were sounding all about.

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