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Some references to amphoras in ancient Greek sources

Note that "amphora", "jar", "urn", and "vat" are all used to translate the Greek words amforeus, amforeidion, amforiskos, or amphiphoreus. Translations are from the Perseus project (http://www.Perseus.tufts.edu).

  1. Amphoras used to store wine and transport it
  2. Amphoras used to carry water
  3. Amphoras used for other commodities:
  4. The amphora as a unit of measure for other containers:
  5. Amphoras as the common furnishings of a Greek [well, the gods'] household in Aristophanes Peace.
  6. Empty amphoras:
  7. The baking of an amphora used metaphorically in an oracle in Herodotus about the firing of a tower in Cyrene
  8. Amphoras made of other materials than plain undecorated clay:

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