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Bibliography of Amphora Studies

The references here are by no means exhaustive in any category, though probably better on the Greek side than for Italy and other Mediterranean sites. Items are generally listed under only one heading: Rhodian amphoras will be found under "Rhodian" in classes, under "Greece -- RHODES" in Sites in Greece and Italy, and throughout History and Trade. A search for "rhod" will find all of these, and provide links to any other files containing the term.

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Short titles used in the Bibliography

The following abbreviated titles are used in the bibliography for collections of articles on amphora topics.

* Recherches sur les amphores romaines (Rome 1972)
Baldacci, P. et al. (eds), Recherches sur les amphores romaines / Collection de l'Ecole française de Rome 10 (Rome 1972)
* Méthodes classiques (Rome 1977)
Méthodes classiques et méthodes formelles dans l'étude des amphores. Actes du Colloque de Rome (27--29 mai 1974) / Collection de l'Ecole française de Rome 32 (Rome 1977)
* Producción y comercio 2 (Madrid 1983)
Blázquez Martínez, J.M.; Remesal Rodríguez, José (eds), Producción y comercio del aceite en la antigüedad. Segundo congreso internacional (Sevilla, 24-28 febrero 1982) (Madrid 1983)
* Recherches sur les amphores grecques (Athens 1986)
Empereur, J.-Y.; Garlan, Y. (eds), Recherches sur les amphores grecques. Actes du colloque international (Athènes 10-12 Septembre 1984) / BCH Supp 13 (Athens 1986). [reviewed by V. Stürmer Gnonmon 61.1 (1989) 71-73]
* Anfore romane e storia economica (Rome 1989)
Lenoir, M., Manacorda, D. and Panella, C., (eds), Anfore romane e storia economica: Un decennio di ricerche / Amphores romaines et histoire économique: dix ans de recherche. Actes du colloque de Sienne (22--24 mai 1986) / Collection de l'Ecole française de Rome 114 (1989)
* Greek Amphoras (Saratov 1992)
Kats, V.I.; Monakhov, S.Iu. (eds) Greek Amphoras: problems of the development of craftsmanship and trade in the ancient world, a thematic scholarly collection [Grecheskie amfory : problemy razvitiia remesla i torgovli v antichnom mire, tematicheskii nauchnyi sbornik] (Saratov 1992)

The Bibliography

Sites in Greece and Italy
Sites outside Greece and Italy
Underwater Finds
Publications of finds by site, or finding-place, with a separate section for amphoras from wrecks and other nautical archaeology sites.
Publications of amphoras in museums and other collections
Analysis of classes or types of amphora, by place of manufacture, including methods of classification applied to specific series of jars.
History and trade
Trade routes as evidenced by amphora finds, the goods carried, commercial relations between amphora exporting and importing states, and other related historical issues.
Physical characteristics
Works on measuring amphora capacities, establishing standards, clay analysis and kilns, dies used for stamping, ancient pottery works, more general works on methods of classification.
Other works specifically about amphoras and about sites exporting or importing amphoras. General and specific works on history, numismatics, etc of interest to amphora studies.
Virginia R. Grace
A separate, full listing of her works.
Wine making and consumption"
Some works on the production of wine and its characteristics in various parts of the ancient world.

Other sources of amphora bibliography

Paul Tyers
"Roman Amphoras in Britain" in Roman Pottery in Britain (London, forthcoming). Online: see Amphoras at WWW sites.

Empereur, J.-Y.; Garlan Y.
"Bulletin archéologique: amphores et timbres amphoriques (1987-1991)" REG 105 (1992) 176

Bibliotheca Classica Selecta
A wide-ranging and thorough online guide to classics bibliographical resources (English, French, German, and Italian) from Jacques Poucet and J.-M. Hannick in Belgium. Includes links to other online bibliographies, projects etc, as well as books. Of special interest for amphora studies are the sections under Archéologie on Publication des résultats - Amphorologie and on Méthodes et techniques - Archéologie sous-marine.

The TOCS-IN archive
Recent journal articles from 153 classics (and related) journals. Search, for example, for amphor.

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