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Amphoras Data

These working files contain published examples of individual amphora fragments, often enhanced or corrected from unpublished examples in the AMPHORAS archive. The files are subject to continual editing and updating; they are intended to help other amphorists find published parallels for their amphora material, as Virginia Grace did for so many years. They are not for direct publication.

Caveat emptor!

The original publication may, of course, be quoted freely, but additional information from these databases should be checked with the AMPHORAS Project: omitted here are internal notes about inconsistencies, things to be checked, debates about origin, dating, etc. In addition, the dates assigned to archaeological contexts have often been modified since the original publication, and even since the amphora material in them was last studied. All context dates should be checked with the appropriate excavation before being used.



Amphoras found at the Athenian Agora
Amphoras found at Corinth