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Additional materials:

  1. An announcement of a congress to be held in Seville, Spain on Baetic amphoras in December 1998.

  2. A brief announcement of the AMPHORAS WWW site by Philippa Matheson appeared in the Classics newsletter (University of Toronto) 4.1, April 1996.

  3. A chapter of Jon Solomon, ed., Accessing Antiquity: the computerization of Classical Studies (Arizona 1994) was contributed by C.G. Koehler and P.M.W. Matheson, describing the process of computerization and giving some examples of the research it is designed to facilitate. A review of the book in BMCR by J. O'Donnell online deals mainly with the history of computer usage in classics.

  4. An article by C.G. Koehler, originally published in Russian in the collection Greek Amphoras (Saratov 1992), on "A Brief Typology and Chronology of Corinthian Transport Amphoras," is presented here by permission of the editors (with scanned illustrations).

  5. A paper presented by C.G. Koehler and P.M.W. Matheson in December 1990 at the meetings of the American Institute of Archaeology on "Imports of Knidian Wine at Athens and Corinth" documents the extraction of information about trade from amphora statistics. Some illustrations represented in text format.

  6. A paper given by P.M.W. Matheson and C.G. Koehler in 1989 at a conference of humanists interested in using computers includes details of the adaptation of amphora stamp records to the computer database format. Some illustrations represented in text format.